Immersion Procession Continues In Pune, Likely To Delay Despite Manache Ganpati Concluding Immersions Early This Year

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Pune 29th Sept 2023: The five manache ganpati of Pune have concluded their immersions and the other major ganesh mandals of the city have also almost completed the immersions but the immersion processions continue even on Friday in the city as many other ganesh mandals are still in queue on Tilak Road and Laxmi Road. The sound systems that were shut after 12 am on Thursday have resumed today morning and the youths have joined the celebration again.

The immersion of Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai ganpati was done in a record time this year as the procession for the mandal started at 4pm and the immersion was concluded at 8:50 pm. The trust members had announced to conclude the immersion early this year considering the requests of the Police administration. However, the situation has revealed that despite Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai concluding immersion early the procession is still going on on the next day as other mandals are still in queue.

The police officials had given a dedicated time for each ganesh mandal to halt and take along the dhol tasha pathaks during the processions with an aim to conclude the immersion early this year. However, considering the long queue on Laxmi Road and Tilak Road the procession is likely to continue till afternoon today. The youngsters who have been in the procession since yesterday are still full of energy to say goodbye to bappa as many of them are still seen dancing and enjoying the processions despite being in queue for hours.

Procession timings for the last few years :

2016 : 28 Hours 30 Minutes
2017 : 28 Hours 05 Minutes
2018 : 27 Hours 15 Minutes
2019 : 24 Hours
2020 And 2021 : No Processions Due to COVID Pandemic
2022 : 31 Hours
2023 : Yet to conclude


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