Swiggy Expands Services to Lakshadweep, Empowering Local Restaurants in Agatti Island

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Agatti, Lakshadweep, 25th January 2024: In celebration of India’s 75th Republic Day, Swiggy, the leading on-demand convenience platform, has achieved a significant milestone by extending its food delivery services to the scenic island of Agatti in Lakshadweep. Pioneering online food delivery in the region, Swiggy aims to introduce the ease of food delivery to the local population while also providing tourists with a taste of the finest dishes from Agatti’s local restaurants, mirroring the culinary experiences of their hometowns.

A Culinary Paradise Unveiled

The introduction of Swiggy’s services in Agatti unlocks new possibilities for local businesses and offers visitors the chance to explore the rich tapestry of local flavors. Renowned for its mouth-watering tuna and seafood delicacies, Agatti is poised to become a culinary haven with Swiggy at its helm. From collaborating with local favorites to showcasing Lakshadweep’s delectable seafood, Swiggy ensures a seamless food ordering experience for both islanders and tourists.

Sidharth Bhakoo, National Business Head, Food Marketplace at Swiggy, commented on the launch, saying, “This expansion is a significant milestone for us as we pioneer online food delivery in Lakshadweep. We are excited to collaborate with local restaurants, supporting them in expanding their reach and creating income opportunities for the local youth. Our future plans involve deepening our presence in Lakshadweep, fostering stronger connections with local businesses, and enhancing culinary experiences for residents and visitors.”

Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Paradise

Beyond its culinary offerings, Agatti Island is known for its friendly locals and is a sought-after destination for scuba enthusiasts. Recognizing the unique ecological landscape of Lakshadweep, Swiggy has adopted eco-friendly practices in the region by ensuring that all deliveries are made exclusively using bicycles. This initiative aims to facilitate efficient and timely deliveries while preserving the ecological balance of the region.

Launch Celebrations and Offers

To mark the launch, first-time Swiggy users in Agatti can enjoy a special offer of a 50% discount, up to INR 100, and free delivery on their inaugural orders.

Fazal Rahman, Swiggy Restaurant Partner and Head of City Hotel Lakshadweep, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the unique flavors of our island to a broader audience. With Swiggy’s expansion, we anticipate reaching more customers, increasing sales, and gaining national recognition for our culinary offerings.”

Mohammed Hamlersha, Swiggy Restaurant Partner and Head of AFC Lakshadweep, added, “Swiggy’s launch in Agatti Island is a culinary revolution, bringing a feast of flavors to our doorsteps. We are confident that it will elevate our delivery experience, making every bite a celebration.”

With a phased expansion planned across key islands in Lakshadweep, Swiggy aims to empower local culinary talents and enhance the overall dining experiences for both residents and visitors. As Swiggy seamlessly integrates into the vibrant tapestry of the Union Territory, it continues to bring convenience and culinary delight to users’ doorsteps.