Tata BlueScope Steel celebrates Teacher’s Day

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Pune, 8th September 2023 – In a heartwarming celebration of Teachers’ Day, Tata BlueScope Steel felicitated 30 remarkable teachers today. These educators hailing from the Doorstep School Foundation, ZEP Foundation, Kamayani School, and Khinvasara Patil School, were honored for their unwavering commitment to education and society.

Tata BlueScope Steel has set forth on a movement #shelterforall, by driving a positive change within communities, especially educational institutions working towards upliftment of marginalized societies, women, and children through its offerings.

The event was graced by Padmashree Shri Mr. Girish Y. Prabhune, an eminent Indian social worker known for his work in uplifting nomadic communities, and Prof. Rajani Paranjape, the Founder and President of Doorstep School, dedicated to educating construction workers’ children.

“Teachers are the building blocks of a great nation, as is the case with India. From ancient sages to modern visionaries, the ‘Guru-Shishya’ tradition has thrived, shaping remarkable individuals. Knowledge is the key to a nation’s development, and our teachers bear the vital responsibility of imparting it. Tata BlueScope Steel’s felicitation of these educators is commendable, inspiring them to nurture our nation’s future. Let us continue teaching and reviving our rich legacy of knowledge,” said Girish Prabhune.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anoop Kumar Trivedi, Managing Director, Tata BlueScope Steel, remarked, “I’m grateful for the star teachers who shaped my journey from school to IIT. Teachers ignite thoughts that lead to greatness. They are the cornerstone of society, and their impact extends far beyond the classroom. Their dedication and passion in nurturing young minds have a profound and lasting effect on our world. Today, we salute these extraordinary educators who embody the values of excellence, compassion, and leadership.”

The schools being honored have been for their outstanding contributions to society, particularly in the fields of education and community development. The Doorstep School Foundation, founded in 1989, combats illiteracy in children from extremely marginalized communities through “School on Wheels.” Their modified buses serve as mobile classrooms, reaching migrant children aged 3-14 in temporary settlements. The Kamayani School, established in 1964, focuses on the education and vocational training of individuals with mental disabilities, offering services from child guidance to adult day care. Their aim is to integrate these individuals into society with dignity. The ZEP Foundation works for special children with learning disabilities by providing education and treatment under one roof.

Tata BlueScope Steel has actively supported these schools.

Each teacher received token of appreciation and had trees planted in their names at Tata BlueScope Steel’s Jamshedpur Plant, symbolizing the enduring legacy of their work.

Tata BlueScope Steel remains committed to fostering a brighter future, and the recognition of these exceptional educators underscores the company’s dedication to promoting education, empowerment, and sustainability in society. Tata BlueScope Steel has also unveiled #shelterforall, an initiative that aims to bring about positive change, uplift communities, and contribute to a larger societal good, focusing on what truly matters. Grounded in the core value of compassion, this movement transcends conventional boundaries and emphasizes the importance of doing good alongside doing well in business.

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