Temghar Dam Repairs Incomplete for 2.5 Years Due to Funding Issues

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Mulshi, 18th June 2024: The repair work on Temghar Dam in Mulshi Taluka on the Mutha River, a crucial contributor to Pune City’s water supply, has remained incomplete for the past 2.5 years due to funding problems. With the rainy season already underway, it is evident that the repair work will not be finished this year either. Earlier this year, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Guardian Minister of Pune District, Ajit Pawar, announced revised administrative approval for the repairs of the Temghar Dam. However, this announcement appears to have been forgotten. Despite this, the dam is expected to reach its full storage capacity again this year.

Constructed in Mulshi Taluka, the Temghar Dam aims to supply water to Pune City and irrigate 1,000 hectares of land. The dam has a capacity of 3.71 Thousand Million Cubic Feet (TMC). Completed in 2010, it began storing water immediately. However, large-scale leakages started soon after. Repair work on the dam began in 2017, with two phases completed, but the final third phase remains unfinished due to a lack of funds. The dam stands 86 meters tall and 1,075 meters wide, and the remaining repairs include cement coating.

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Executive Engineer of the Pune Irrigation Project Circle, Kumar Patil, stated, “The remaining work on Temghar Dam is awaiting approval from the Maharashtra State Government. Until the revised administrative approval and budget are granted, the work cannot resume. We hope the state government will approve this soon. We can store 100% water this year too.”