The benefits expected from drinking water

06 Sep 2019 : To be hydrated is of vital importance for your health and overall wellbeing. The sad aspect is that many people do not consume a lot of fluids in a given day. Nearly 60% of human body is incorporated with water and 70% of the total surface of the earth is full of water. Consider the ubiquitous nature of water to gulp enough glasses of water on a daily basis is not on the minds of everyone.

Basic facts of water

  • For an adult human being it is 60% water and our blood is 90% of water
  • No universal law exists that certain amount of water is to be to consumed on a daily basis
  • When dehydrated the skin becomes victim to various forms of skin disorders like wrinkles
  • If you drink water instead of soda drinks it can help you with weight loss.
  • Water is important for the kidney along with a host of body functions

The benefits associated with water

In order to function properly all the cells or organs of the body is known to need water. Let us explore some of the reasons why the human body needs water-

The lubrication of joints

Cartilage that is embedded within the spine or the joints is embedded with 80 %water. If you are dehydrated for a long period of time it can taper with the shocking absorbing ability of the joint and leads to pain of the joints.

Ensures oxygen is delivered all through the body

Blood is incorporated with nearly 90 % of water as blood is known to carry oxygen to various parts of the human body.

Mucus and saliva is formed

Saliva is known in helping the food to be digested and keeps the mouth, eyes and nose moist. This prevents damage and shrinkage. Once you drink water the mouth becomes clean. On consumption of water and keeping aside sweetened beverages it is known to prevent tooth decay.

Your skin health and beauty is intensified

When the body is prone to dehydration the skin can succumb to premature wrinkling and can be victims of various disorders.

Body temperature is regulated

In the middle layers of the skin water is stored, and once body heats, the surface of the skin is expected to heat up. Once it evaporates it cools the body as it takes place during sports. Scientists are of the opinion that once you have less amount of water in the body, the storage of heat increases as an individual is in a less position to tolerate any form of heat.

If you possess a lot of water in your body it goes on reduce physical strain as and if heat stress does take place during the course of exercise. But more research is called for in order to prove these results.

Acts as a cushion for the spinal cord, brain along with sensitive tissues

Dehydration is known to have an impact on the brain function and even the structure. Even in the evolution of hormones it does have an important role to play. If you are suffering from dehydration for a prolonged period of time it can lead to issues with reasoning and thinking.

Acts as glue to the digestive system

The bowel does need water so as to work properly. When you suffer from dehydration, it can lead to problems with constipation, digestion and overall an acidic stomach. This does enhance the possibility of stomach ulcers and heartburn.

Performance during the course of an exercise is enhanced

Some scientists are of the opinion that consumption of water during exercise might improve your fitness levels. Though a lot of research is needed to prove this but still dehydration can occur for any activity that is more than 30 minutes.

Possibility of kidney damage reduces

The kidneys have an important role to regulate body fluid in our body. If you have insufficient water in the body it can lead to kidney stones along with a host of other issues.

Weight loss

Water is also known to assist with weight loss especially once you consume it instead of sweetened drinks. An ideal remedy is to drink water 30 minutes before meals so that your stomach is full and you do not indulge in overeating.

Kidney damage

Water is known to help in dissolving various nutrients along with minerals ensuring that it is available to the body as and when it needs them. Even the waste products are removed. Every day the body would need around 150 litres of fluid in order to function in an optimum manner. Out of these nearly 1 to 2 quarts are eradicated in the form of urine and the rest is needed by the bloodstream in order to carry the routine body functions.

Water is of paramount importance for the kidneys to function properly. If water is not available it can lead to accumulation of waste products and excess levels of fluids could accumulate in the human body. Even chronic disease can lead to a situation of kidney failure. The organs would stop to work and then the only solution would be kidney transplantation.

If the infections emerge to the upper tract then lifelong damage could occur. Any sudden infections of the kidney could have an impact on your life. To reduce the possibility of UTI the message would be to drink plenty of water on a daily basis and even it would help to cure an existing UTI.

Kidney stones do have an impact in the manner by which kidneys work. Once they are present they could go on to complicate UTIS. They are going to need a regular dose of medicines in order to cure them.

The main reason for kidney stones is lack of water. People who say they are suffering from kidney stones do not drink sufficient amount of water on a day to day basis. Even the possibility of a chronic kidney disease can occur.

To deal with all these situations drink sufficient amount of water on a daily basis, but you must drink RO water. If you don’t have RO yet, you should think of buying it. You can check and compare the ro water purifier price and features online and buy as per your needs.