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PUNE, INDIA – July 15, 2016 – An exceptional Cuisine of India which is highly influenced by Mughals and bears resemblance to Kashmiri as well as Hyderabadi style of cooking is the Awadh Cuisine of Nawabs. Native to the city of Lucknow, the chefs and cooks of the region invented the ‘Dum’ style of cooking which has become popular and synonymous with the city today.

Bringing the utterly delicious dishes straight from the Kitchen of Awadh and Nawabs to Pune, Marriott Suites Pune located at Koregaon Park will be hosting ‘Awadhi Food Festival’.  Scheduled between Friday, July 15th to Sunday, July 23rd at its renowned restaurant ‘Senses’ this fest will bring a fantastic opportunity for the foodies in city to taste authentic Awadhi food. The wide spread buffet of Awadhi food will be served for dinner from 7.30pm to 11.00pmevery day during this festival.

Chef Dayal Singh Rawat, Indian Chef from Paasha, JW Marriott Pune will be curating varieties of renowned Dum Biryanis, Kebabs and Desserts.  His specialization is in Nawabi, Lucknowi and Kashmiri cuisines.

The large spread buffet of Awadhi Cuisine will present exquisite Haleem, renowned Awadhi Dum Aloo, delicious Dal Mughalai, succulent Kakori Kebabs, tasty Murgh Awadhi Korma – a classic from Lucknow to name a few.  Luscious desserts like Seviya Ka Muzzaffar, varieties of Halwa and many more will also be served for the sweet tooth of guests.

“The richness of Awadh cuisine lies not only in the variety of cooking styles like Dum, Dhungar, Bhagar or Loab but also in the ingredients used like mutton, paneer, and rich spices, which include cardamom and saffron. The need for such a cuisine arose as the Nawabs of Awadh were used to such diet which comprised of grains, dry fruits, fruits and vegetables available in that part of the country apart from various forms of meat. This style of cooking was further polished by the Nawabs by adding exotic flavors of saffron and other Indian spices,” mentioned Chef Dayal Singh Rawat