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19 June 2019 : Different subjects are tackled in Marathi Cinema with effortless ease and right from serious issue based themes to hilarious plot with comedy, all genres of films are being made in
large numbers. Now for the first time in Marathi Cinema, sex comedy which has eluded Marathi Cinema in a big way is all set to be presented. Milind Kavade who has directed several successful films in Marathi is coming up with Takatak, a sex comedy in Marathi, which is slated
for release all over Maharashtra on 28th June. Produced under the banner of Purple Bull Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., V. Patke Films and Gaonwala Creations, Takatak has become the most eagerly anticipated film, thanks to its trailer as well as the songs released recently. Milind Kavade, who revels in deriving home some pertinent message or the other as the undercurrent, has directed Takatak in his own inimitable and unique style.

The USP of the film Takatak is that the right actors have been cast in the right roles and they have rendered proper justice to the parts that they have played. With Prathamesh Parab, Ritika Shrotri will be seen in the film and though the pair has been teamed for the first time in
the film, the sizzling chemistry between them as seen in the trailer has raised the bar of expectations from the film. Also there will be double excitement level with the pair of Abhijit Aamkar and Pranali Bhalerao in the film and it would not at all be an exaggeration to state that
Bharat Ganeshpure, Pradeep Patwardhan, Ananda Karekar have given extra ordinary performances in the film under the able guidance of the director Milind Kavade.

Producers Om Prakash Bhatt, Sujay Shankarwar, Ravi Bahry, Inderjeet Singh, Ajay Thakur, Dhananjay Singh Masoom and Ravindra Chaubey have jointly produced Takatak.

Excellent production value and brilliant presentation style have been invested in the film and weigh a lot in favor of the film. The producers have not left any stone to invest in the story of the
film by providing whatever the film required and fulfilled their responsibilities. The lyrics as well
as the music of the film are a treat to the ears. The song Aapla Haath Jagannath… sung by Anand Shinde as well as the song Ye Chandrala Ya… written by Jay Atre and sung by Shruti Rane are extremely popular. Varun Likhate has composed the songs for the film. When we ‘see’
the songs which are inherent part of the film, they will steal the hearts of the viewers, according to director Milind Kavade. Though Takatak is a sex comedy, there is no element of cheapness, sleaze or vulgarity in the film as the attempt of the film makers is to infuse and invest 100 % in the film.

The director is of the opinion that the audiences will be able to relate to certain incidents in the film, which have not been incorporated just for the sake of incorporating them but for the sake of prodding the viewer to think over and mull over the inherent message which is being conveyed to them even after they walk out of the theaters.

The trailer and the music of Takatak have been liked by the viewers to such an extent that they have elicited several hits and hence there is a lot of enthusiastic expectations from the
film. Milind Kavade & Ajay Thakur has written the hilarious story as well as the screenplay while Sanjay Navgire has written the meaningful dialogues while Hazrat Sheikh (Vali) is the DOP of
the film.