Third Round Of Layoffs Initiated By Meta; May Fire Around 6,000 Employees

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New Delhi, 19th May 2023: More than 1.6 lakh jobs have been lost due to tech layoffs in 2023 alone, and major tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google have started numerous waves of layoffs.

Despite an earlier apology from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for terminating workers, Meta has proceeded forward with the third wave of layoffs, and 6,000 people could lose their jobs as a result.

The news was delivered to the workers during a company-wide conference by the firm’s president of global affairs, and additional information is said to have leaked online. Before this, Meta laid off 11,000 workers in the initial wave of layoffs in November 2022 and declared that another 10,000 would be fired in March 2023. More than 4,000 of those 10,000 positions have already been eliminated, and the remaining 6,000 will follow suit.

Employees will be informed in writing when the most recent layoffs will begin, and those who will be impacted will also get an email.

Employees in the computer sector are worried about their futures as a result of the continuous rounds of job layoffs that have left no time for rest.