Tired of boring sex life, woman left her husband; However, marriage with the other man did not go well

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London, 9th September 2021: One woman shared her problems with her sex life in The Guardian’s Relationship column. The woman has got married for the second time. The woman said that her sex life with her first husband was not good and she got divorced after getting bored with her husband.

However, now the woman is also experiencing her sexual problems with her second husband. The woman told the expert that initially everything was fine with her second husband. However, then the connection between us began to end.

The woman wrote that ‘I have to make every effort to make my sex life better. One day I caught my husband watching a porn movie. I have no problem with him watching porn but our sex life is getting worse for the same reason. My husband never touched me and never took the initiative. So I get annoyed a lot.’ The woman has sought advice from an expert for this.

The relationship expert wrote to the woman advising that the couple should have a pleasant chat with each other. We need to know what we like and what we don’t. Everyone’s interests are different so it is important to know what kind of relationship your partner likes. Maybe your husband doesn’t know you completely. As such, it is your responsibility to tell him about yourself and your interests.

The expert further said that it is common for men and women to watch porn. To some extent, this does not have a bad effect on sex life. So if you talk to your spouse warmly and express your needs, this problem can be solved.