‘Toilet Seva App’ Upgrade Unveiled by Pune Municipal Corporation for Enhanced Public Facility Information

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Pune, 23rd December 2023: In a bid to enhance public awareness about available toilets and their facilities in the city, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) launched the next phase of the ‘Toilet Seva App’ on Thursday. This app now provides detailed information about 1183 public toilets across the city, allowing users to register feedback on the facilities. Additionally, the app will be instrumental in organizing the ‘Clean Toilet Competition’ in line with the Central Government’s ‘Clean Toilets’ initiative for the year 2023.

The unveiling of the upgraded app and the announcement of the competition were made by the Pune Municipal Corporation’s ‘Swachhata Brand Ambassador,’ the renowned singer and director, Dr. Salil Kulkarni. The event witnessed the presence of Dr. Kunal Khemnar, Additional Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, Amol Bhinge (the app creator), social activist Nitin Pawar, Sandeep Kadam (Deputy Commissioner of Solid Waste Management), and Assistant Health Officer Dr. How many Ghatges.

Dr. Salil Kulkarni emphasized the importance of such initiatives, particularly praising the work done by non-resident Indian Amol Bhinge. He pointed out the increasing traffic congestion in the city, leading citizens to spend more time on the road and necessitating accessible and clean toilets, especially for women and children. Dr. Kulkarni suggested the inclusion of theater toilets in the app in the future.

Key Features of the ‘Toilet Seva App’:

– Users can locate the nearest toilet and access information about facilities such as wash basins, water availability, liquid soap or sanitizer, dustbins, lights, and sanitary napkin availability for women.

– The app allows users to provide feedback and register complaints about toilet facilities and cleanliness. Users can also assign ratings.

– Currently, over ten thousand citizens have downloaded the app.

– QR codes were installed in all toilets in November, leading to 100 feedback submissions to date.

– Dr. Kunal Khemnar assured that any complaints regarding toilets would be resolved on a priority basis.

‘Clean Toilet Competition’:

– The competition is scheduled to take place from January 1 to June 30, 2024.

– The top five toilets in each field office will be selected at the city level, with prizes awarded to the three best among them.

– Scoring will be based on the ‘Toilet Seva App’ ratings (30 marks), app usage (30 marks), and physical inspection (40 marks).

Review Committees:

– Fifteen committees, one at each ward office level and one at the central level, will conduct the examination.

– The committees will include municipal officials, representatives of NGOs, and journalists.