Topics and Technologies to Study for CompTIA A+ Credential and How to Revise Them with Practice Tests

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Studying for IT exams is never a walk in the park. Besides, preparing for such tests can be boring and sometimes challenging. Nevertheless, understanding the things to study and how much time to learn will improve your exam prep quality and lessen the tiresome feeling brought by it. Thus, Author: Gavin U. this post will focus on the CompTIA A+ badge and if passing the A+ tests is your priority. Also, here you will learn how to gain skills for taking these exams from practice tests.

About Skills for A+ Certification

To get this CompTIA accreditation, you need to pass two exams, namely, 220-1001 and 220-1002. The first A+ assessment covers mobile gadgets, hardware, networking, virtualization/cloud computing, and network troubleshooting. The second test entails installing and configuring Author: Autumn R operating systems, software troubleshooting, operational procedures as well as detailed security.

Topics and Technologies for A+ Credential

Various topics in the A+ exams deserve some special attention when preparing for the final tests. Usually, these are the hardestdomains or those that are rather extensive. However, these areas are the most important as there are assorted skills which can be drawn from them through learning. Plus, Carlos G there are also technologies for all applicants for tests to realize. Overall, there are certain domains and tools included in the A+ assessments such as:

  • Hardware

This A+ technology includes learning about the BIOS, motherboard, and RAM. The sub-domain on the BIOS is a bit lengthy and filled with many commands that you must know, but this israther elementary. This means that you need to get past those commands to get access to your PC. 139$ And since hardware is an essential part of the first exam, you need to know the specifications and things to do with the motherboard and RAM. This is for the sake of the technical knowledge and for any requirements for service from clients.

  • Networking

You must understand networking as a vital aspect of this A+ certification. Fortunately, the technologies and concepts involved in this partare basic for the A+ assessments since the CompTIA A+ is not a Avanset >>>> networking badge. But anyone who works with computers must have some networking knowledge. This is because working on a computer translates to dealing with the internet that is a great stratum of networks.

  • Understand Windows

When dealing with OS, Windows remains king in the field. This means you cannot go anywhere without understanding how to install and configure it. The A+ tests will require you to compare each version of Windows. Other OS included are Linux, Mac, and mobile.

  • Security

This A+ area covers antivirus, firewalls, ExamSnap Link Website Click Here malware, viruses, system restore as well as safe mode. To ace it, you must comprehend how to detect threats and protect your devices as well as networks.

Prepare for A+ Exams with Practice Tests

Mastering the above topics is great for targeting a good grade in the CompTIA A+ tests. However, you should look beyond this. Think about the purpose of the skills you gain when working. This should inspire you to utilize proper preparation techniques like practical labs, courses, and books. Also, to ensure mastery in all the expected A+ sections, using practice tests is key. Make your exam prep progress notable by practicing often with such tests. For domains that seem tougher, focus on them, and keep reviewing until they are clear and remember that practice is how you commit to learning skills for taking the A+ assessments!


Learning the topics for the CompTIA A+ credential is a sure way to launch your IT career. So, while preparing for your 220-1001 and 220-1002 assessments, try to focus on understanding the A+ technologies and concepts by using practice tests. This will make you nail your exams easily!