Traffic Chaos Grips Pune as Signal System Outage Causes Jams

Pune University Chowk traffic
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Pune, 5th August 2023: The heart of Pune witnessed scenes of traffic mayhem as the city’s major intersections experienced a shutdown of the signal system, triggering widespread traffic jams and long queues of vehicles.

On a bustling Saturday afternoon, the signal system at a key intersection of the city abruptly ceased operations. With many taking advantage of the weekend holiday, the streets were teeming with families in their cars, contributing to the influx of vehicles. This unexpected technical failure struck at the heart of Pune, affecting vital intersections including Shivaji Road, Bajirao Road, Shastri Road, and Karve Road.

The result was an upheaval of traffic flow, causing extensive queues and gridlock on the main roadways. The repercussions of the signal system shutdown radiated through adjacent streets, exacerbating the traffic congestion.

Authorities in the traffic police department swiftly intervened to manage the chaotic situation, working tirelessly to restore order and alleviate the congested thoroughfares. The disruption couldn’t have come at a worse time, as Saturdays are popular for shopping excursions. The added challenge of rain exacerbated the situation, as a surge of cars flooded the roadways. Potholes, a common consequence of the rainy season, further hindered traffic movement, contributing to the jams that plagued various locations across the city.

Thankfully, as the evening drew near, the signal system was restored to its operational state, providing much-needed relief to the traffic conundrum. However, the issue of potholes on major roads still persists, acting as an ongoing obstacle to smooth traffic flow. The traffic authorities continue to grapple with these challenges, striving to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicles through Pune’s streets.


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