‘Tughlaqi Working Style’: Pune Traffic Police Tows Bike With Owner Sitting

Pune Traffic Police Tows Bike With Owner Sitting
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Nana Peth, 20th August 2021: A two-wheeler owner was lifted along with the bike by Pune traffic police for allegedly parking the vehicle in a no-parking zone, reported Marathi newspaper Pudhari. The incident took place around 5 pm on Thursday.


A towing van along with officials from the Samarth traffic police division was taking action against the vehicles parked in the no-parking area which was obstructing the traffic at Sant Kabir Chowk. They saw a man sitting on a two-wheeler near the road. Though he claimed that he had not parked the vehicle but just stopped for few minutes, police did not accept his reasoning.

Policemen asked the contract employees to load him into a towing van with his bike. The traffic police also reprimanded the photographer and reporter who were filming the incident.


Now senior police officials have promised to take action against the concerned employees.