Two Rusty Spotted Cat Kittens Reunited With Their Mother After Being Separated For 2 Days In Pune District 

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Pune, 23rd September 2021: Two female Rusty Spotted Cat kittens, approximately 1-month-old, were discovered in a harvested sugarcane field near Uruli Kanchan. 

The locals reported this to the Pune Forest Department and RESQCT Wildlife Team (Bavdhan, Pune), who went immediately to attempt a reunion with the mother the same day. 

The mother did not come for her kittens the first day, and the reunion attempt failed. The kittens were taken to the RESQCT Wildlife TTC in Bavdhan where they were fed and hydrated. The teams decided to attempt the reunion a second time the next evening. A few changes were made to the set-up of the reunion site and live cameras were set up to monitor the kittens remotely. Finally, the mother arrived, and our teams watched her retrieve and relocate her kittens one by one to a safer place after being separated from them for almost two days!

“It is easy to get demotivated when a reunion fails in the first attempt, and it is common to not try again, however, this experience has proven on record that if a few changes are made to the usual set-up scene keeping in mind the behaviour of a Rusty Spotted Cat, a successful reunion is possible even after 24 hours”, said Neha Panchamia, founder and president of RESQ Charitable Trust, Pune.   

Tuhin Satarkar (Head – Wildlife RESQ), Naresh Chandak, Harshad Nagare, Sumedh Tarde, Sonesh Ingole, Asim Patel from RESQCT and Range Forest Officer Mukesh Sanas and guard Ashok Gaikwad made efforts for the reunion of the kittens with their mother.