Union Home Minister Pays Homage to Police Martyrs at National Police Memorial in New Delhi On ‘Police Commemoration Day’

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New Delhi 21st Oct 2023: On ‘Police Commemoration Day,’ Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Amit Shah, along with other dignitaries, paid homage to the police martyrs at the National Police Memorial in New Delhi. In his address, the Home Minister solemnly acknowledged the sacrifice of 36,250 policemen who laid down their lives for the nation’s internal and border security since independence. He conveyed deep gratitude to the families of these martyrs, emphasizing that India’s progress is rooted in their sacrifice, a debt the country will never forget.

Shah highlighted the pivotal role of the police force in ensuring internal and border security, emphasizing that their vigilance was paramount for a nation’s safety. He acknowledged the relentless dedication of policemen, who, regardless of day or night, summer or winter, festive or regular days, stand guard, often far from their families, ensuring the country’s safety. From combating terrorists to maintaining law and order during crises like the pandemic, the police have consistently demonstrated their bravery.

Reflecting on recent achievements, the Home Minister mentioned a significant reduction in terrorism, militant attacks, naxalism, and ethnic violence due to the efforts of the brave policemen. He also announced the government’s plans to introduce three new laws that would overhaul the outdated British-era legal system, ensuring transparency and protection of citizens’ rights. These laws, coupled with the Police Technology Mission and the Integrated Criminal Justice System (ICJS), aim to expedite justice and bring efficiency to the criminal justice system.

He praised the police forces for their achievements in disaster management, both nationally and internationally, through organizations like the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). He emphasized the Modi government’s commitment to a Zero Tolerance policy against terrorism, enacting strict laws, and modernizing the police through the Police Technology Mission. Additionally, he mentioned welfare initiatives, including changes in healthcare schemes, housing, scholarships, and support services, designed to enhance the well-being of police personnel and their families.

The Home Minister underscored that the Police Memorial stood not just as a symbol but as a testament to the dedication and sacrifice of police personnel in nation-building. He assured the nation that the government remained steadfast in its commitment to the welfare of police personnel and their families, recognizing their invaluable contribution to India’s safety and progress.