Vasant More Shares His ‘Hathauda or Stick’ Style in Candid Interview!

Vasant More interview in Hindi with Punekar News
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Tikam Shekhawat & Varad Bhatkhande
Pune, 29th March 2024: In an exclusive interview with Punekar News, former Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leader Vasant More revealed significant insights into his recent departure from the party and his aspirations for the upcoming Pune Lok Sabha elections. More, who recently resigned from the MNS around 20 days prior to the interview called ‘Informal Charcha’, emphasized his newfound status as a free agent, bidding farewell to the party with a resounding “Jai Maharashtra.” This departure positions him as an independent contender in the political landscape.

When questioned about his social media presence compared to his rivals in the upcoming Pune Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s Murlidhar Mohol and Congress’ Ravindra Dhangekar, Vasant More conveyed, “I manage my social media accounts independently, without a team. I refrain from presenting falsehoods; I depict reality as it is. My work is genuine. Some individuals work merely for appearance, which differs from my earnest efforts. I work from the heart.”

Regarding his demeanour towards voters and opposition, whether aggressive or affable, Vasant More informed, “In the past, I’ve served in both MNS and Shiv Sena. Both parties communicate with individuals in a manner they comprehend. If someone understands affectionate discourse, we engage them accordingly. For those who don’t respond to kindness, we resort to assertiveness. Although I’ve parted ways with MNS, my approach remains consistent.”

When asked about the political backing of Murlidhar Mohol having PM Modi and Amit Shah and Ravindra Dhangekar having Rahul Gandhi, Vasant More asserted to Punekar News, “I rely on self-confidence, backed by the support of Pune’s citizens. I am confident in becoming the next MP of Pune. My aspiration for the MP role predates the ambitions of many.” Questioned on why citizens should vote for him, he answered, “Why wouldn’t they vote for me? What haven’t I accomplished?” and elaborated on his accomplishments during his tenure as a PMC corporator.

On the possibility of withdrawing from the elections due to inducements from other parties, Vasant More stated, “Various parties have extended offers, but my goal remains unchanged. No inducement can alter my stance. From Lohegaon to Baner, if you inquire among ordinary voters, they will testify to my commitment.”

Regarding matching the financial resources of BJP and Congress, Vasant More pointed out, “Elections aren’t solely reliant on finances. I am prepared to fight alone; I prioritize serving the people.”

Regarding purported discussions with Bacchu Kadu and Prakash Ambedkar, he clarified, “I haven’t engaged with either Bacchu Kadu or Prakash Ambedkar.”

Regarding his interactions with NCP leader Sharad Pawar and competing MP candidate Ravindra Dhangekar, More stated to Punekar News, “I sought assistance from Congress; however, the outcome wasn’t favorable. I presented a compelling proposal, but their lack of commitment deterred me.”

He dismissed rumors of Amit Thackeray advising him against excessive social media presence, clarifying that their conversation revolved around a different matter.

Further addressing Punekar News, Vasant More remarked, “I advocated for MNS to contest elections. Certain officials misled Raj Thackeray and Amit Thackeray about the feasibility of contesting in Pune. I advocated for contesting elections for two years. As for naming individuals involved, I opt to refrain from granting them undue attention. My association with MNS has concluded; the matter is resolved.”

Regarding his strategy for contesting independently, More asserted, “Even a single ant can triumph over an elephant. I remain focused on Pune, where numerous issues persist, such as traffic congestion. I intend to address these issues diligently, akin to my tenure as a corporator near Katraj. I proposed relocating the ST stand from Swargate to a 10-acre reserve land in Katraj back in 2012 to Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar, aiming to alleviate traffic woes, but it was ignored.”

Regarding the newly included villages in PMC, he remarked, “The ruling parties bear responsibility for all these issues. Why were the villages included without proper planning? The state government is accountable. Instead of directing these questions at me, inquire from the six MLAs representing Pune. Merely changing parties in power won’t solve the problem; we need to address the root cause.”

Concerning the Maratha community voters, with both Mohol of BJP and Vasant More himself being Marathas, More asserted to Punekar News, “When the Maratha community needed support, I stood with them. Those who supported them during those times will be chosen. Congress surrendered to BJP by fielding a non-Maratha candidate, assuming the elections would be one-sided. I’ll ensure they aren’t!”

Asked about the possibility of larger party leaders offering him MLA candidature, More told Punekar News, “There have been many offers in the past days. I have no master now. There used to be a master, but that matter is closed. I belong to myself and the citizens of Pune. I listen to the people. Some individuals resigned from MNS with me. If I compromise now, it would be wrong. It’s final for me; I’ll contest elections and become an MP.”

On whether he would be contesting alone or with party backing, he said, “I’m open to it, but I haven’t approached any party. The administrative rule in Pune hasn’t been satisfactory for the past two years, and the state government shares the blame. If construction permits aren’t halted, as Raj Sahab used to say, this city will become a dumping yard. In a way, it has become one. To stop it, remove BJP.”

Regarding migration to Pune for education and jobs, with a significant non-Marathi-speaking population, More remarked, “Many people in Pune seek peace. Previously, Pune was a retiree’s city, but now crime has surged, and drugs are rampant. Which party has been in power in Pune for the past decade? The Home Department isn’t prioritizing citizen safety. Various party city presidents, former MPs, and MLAs have police protection. Why? The truth is, they fear for their illicit deeds. I don’t have security because I’m clean.”

Addressing a viral video where he was seen assisting a Rajasthani family, More recalled, “Yes, it was a school-related issue. For me, it’s about everyone’s support and development, not just selective development like the BJP. I aim for the support and development of all of Pune, including Muslims, whom I’ve worked for.” For those who don’t speak Marathi and prefer Hindi or English, More stated, “Work for Pune. Support those who tirelessly work for the city’s safety and health. If you believe Vasant More will do that, stand by me.”

In conclusion, he remarked, “I’ll request the Election Commission to assign my famous ‘Hammer’ as my symbol. My hammer symbolizes justice and development.”