Vegetable Prices Fluctuate at Pune APMC, Leafy Greens Surge, Lemon Prices Dip

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Market Yard, 25th February 2024: Pune’s Agricultural Produce Market Committee in Gultekdi experienced a significant influx of around 110 trucks carrying vegetables on Sunday. The closure of the market on Saturday and Monday (26th Feb) contributed to the surge in arrivals, affecting prices across various produce categories. Here’s a breakdown of the market dynamics and the current prices.


Vegetable Prices Witnessing Changes:


1. Increased Demand, Decreased Import:

Prices of okra, guar, cauliflower, cabbage, brinjal, and capsicum have seen a rise of 5-10% due to a decrease in imports and heightened demand.


2. Garlic Prices Dip:

In contrast, the price of garlic has decreased, contributing to a diverse market landscape.


3. Stability in Most Vegetable Prices:

Senior Adte Vilas Bhujbal assured that prices for most other vegetables remain stable compared to the previous week.


Major Arrivals and Origins:


1. Fish Imports:

On Sunday, the market received 15 tonnes of deep-sea fish, 300 kg of bay fish, and 800 kg of river fish. Notably, varieties like rhu, cutla, and silan were imported from Andhra Pradesh.


2. Vegetable Imports from Various States:

Imports included 12 tempos of green chillies from Karnataka, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh, five tempos of cabbage from Gujarat and Karnataka, and two tempos of groundnut pods from Karnataka. Additional arrivals comprised shevaga, carrots, peas, pawpaw, and garlic from different states.


Prices of Vegetables (per 10 kg):


– Onion: 160-220

– Potato: 160-220

– Garlic: 1000-1600

– Ginger Satari: 750-850

– Okra: 400-600

– Guar: 500-600

– Tomato: 100-200

– Green Chilli: 400-500

– Cabbage: 160-220

– Eggplant: 200-350

– Carrot: 140-160

– Beet: 150-200


Fluctuations in Leafy Vegetables:


As summer intensifies, leafy vegetables, including coriander, fenugreek, and herbs, have seen a price increase of 10-15%.


Prices of Leafy Vegetables (per kg):


– Coriander: 1000-1500

– Methi: 600-1000

– Shepu: 800-1000

– Kandapat: 800-1200

– Chakwat: 400-700

– Kardai: 300-700

– Pudina: 300-800


Fruit Market Dynamics:


1. Lemon Prices Decrease:

In the fruit market, while melon prices increased, lemon prices saw a decrease. Pineapple, chikku, guava, papaya, pomegranate, orange, mangosteen, and apple prices remained stable.


2. Fruit Arrivals:

Seven trucks of pineapples, 30 tons of Mosambi, 50 tons of oranges, 30 tons of pomegranates, 25 tons of papaya, about 1500 sacks of lemons, 25 tons of Kalingad, 12 tons of melons, 2000 boxes of chikku, and 1000 boxes of apples arrived from Kerala.


Prices of Fruits:


– Lemon (Per sack): 300-1400

– Pineapple (1 Dozen): 100-600

– Mosambi (3 Dozen): 90-550

– Orange (10 Kg): 150-600

– Pomegranate (per kg): Saffron: 40-250, Ganesh: 10-30, Arkata: 20-70


Floral Arrivals and Prices:


1. Flower Influx:

A substantial influx of flowers occurred due to a strike by trade unions. Holiday flower prices decreased by 10%, while ornamental flowers maintained their prices.


2. Prices of Flowers (per kg):

– Marigold: 10-30

– Gulchhadi: 200-300

– Ashtar: Judi: 20-25

– Sutta: 100-150

– Kapri: 20-40

– Shevanti: 80-130