VIBGYOR Group of Schools Embarks On The Journey Of ‘Safe and Secure Environment’ For Students

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Pune, 18th August 2018: VIBGYOR Group of Schools in its continuous endeavourand commitment to provide a safe and secure educational service to the students, a good working environment for all school staff and to facilitate and provide a continually improving high standard of customer satisfaction, is happy to announce today the Capacity Building Project on School Safety Management System.

As a first step towards this, VIBGYOR High Balewadi is celebrating ‘Safety and Security in My School’ week by hosting a number of competitions like Debate, Slogan Writing, Badge-making,etc based on the launch theme – ‘Safe And Secure Is Our Child In VIBGYOR’.

VIBGYOR High Balewadi is the school where the VIBGYOR Group has initiated the National Safe School Accreditation (NSSA) process; whereby in a few months from now the School is looking at being accredited as the first VIBGYOR Safe School and will implement SS 10000 Standards in the School. As a part of the project, the school has also formed a School Safety Committee and developed an Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Expressing his views on the initiative, Ashish Tibdewal, CEO – VIBGYOR Group of Schools said, At VIBGYOR we strive toset very high standards in child safety and well-being. Safety is such an important aspect that we keep upgrading on improving the related processes. We are staunch in our belief that ‘Safe and Secure is our Child in VIBGYOR’ – safer schools lead to a safer Nation and hence we are committed to ensuring Safety and Security for all and the coming generations”.