Vikas Desai, Harshal Thitte, Ankit Sonawane Impress At 48th State Senior Judo Championship 2022

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Pune, 18th February 2022: Pune District Judo Association (PDJA) men emerged undisputed champions in the 48th State Senior Judo Championship 2022, organized by Maharashtra Judo Association, at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi-Mhalunge, here on Friday.

PDJA judokas finished with 3 gold and 2 bronze medals to top the section, while Kolhapur settled for the runners up spot claiming 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.



The highlight of the day was PDJA’s three-goal feat wherein Vikas Desai (81 to 90 kgs), Harshal Thite (73 to 81 kgs), Ankit Sonawane (66-73 kgs) won their respective finals.



Vikas Desai won his bout against Rishiraj Bhosale (Satara) before Harshal squashed the challenge of Akshay Gadhade (Thane).



Ankit was outstanding in his bout against Anish Hegde (Thane) as he used two moves – Osoto Gari and Sodet Suru Komi Goshi to win the top spot in his weight category.



The other golds of the day were claimed by Kolhapur and Ahmednagar. Similarly, Maharashtra State Police (MSP), who were granted permission to compete as an independent unit, claimed the other gold of the day.



In the Below 60 kgs face-off, Kolhapur-lad Ranveersingh Bhog dashed the hopes of Shravan Shedge (Pune Judo Association).


Similarly, Ahmednagar struck gold in the heaviest weight category through Sagar Kolhe. In the Above 100 kgs category, Sagar arrested the challenge of Rohit Kadam (Maharashtra Police).


Maharashtra Police opened their gold account when Manoj Raut downed Sarthak Kamble (Thane) to claim the 90 to 100 kgs category.


The women’s challenge in seven weight sections begins on Saturday.




Below 60 kgs, Final: Ranveersingh Bhog (Kol) bt Shravan Shedge (Pune Judo Association).


Bronze: Rohit Bhadge (Dhu) bt Ritik Pandey (Thn); Pranit Godse (Krida Prabodhini) bt Pratham Gurav (Mum)


Below 66 Kgs, Final:  Ajinkya Vaidya (Nsk) bt Avadhoot Patil (Kol).


Bronze: Ajinka Mate (Pune) and Keshav Loknath (Amr)


66 to 73 kgs, Final: Ankit Sonawane (PDJA) bt Anish Hegde (Thn).


Bronze: Amar Borate (PJA) bt Ram Adsul (Maharashtra Police) and Vijay Khot (Kolhapur) bt Suhas Maind (Nsk)


73 to 81 kgs, Final: Harshal Thite (PDJA) bt Akshay Gadhade (Thane).


Bronze: Pradip Gaikwad (Sol) bt Pranav Patil (Sgl) and Sumit Bhute (Maharashtra Police) bt Sourav Sutar (Kol)


81 to 90 kgs, Final: Vikas Desai (PDJA) bt Rishiraj Bhosale (Latur).


Bronze: Satish Shinde (A’Nagar) bt Harshvardhan Desai (Kol) and Rohit Koli (PJA) bt Akshay Naik (Thn)


90 to 100 kgs: Manoj Raut (Maharashtra Police) bt Sarthak Kamble (Thn).


Bronze: Rishikesh Bomane (Lat) bt Venkatesh Ghadi (PDJA) and Ganesh Landage (A’Nagar) bt Sudhir Katkar (Aur)


Above 100 kgs: Sagar Kolhe (A’Nagar) bt Rohit Kadam (Maharashtra Police).


Bronze: Vikrant Ingavale (PDJA) bt Manwardhan Patil (Thn) and Aditya Patil (Kol) bt Binhilabhi (Aur).