Water, employment and fodder camps are available to drought-hit : Chandrakant Patil

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Mumbai, 18 June 2019: “Due to the intensity of drought in the state, drought-prone villages have been provided drinking water, employment under MGNREGA, and fodder camps for sheep, goats, and for other animals” stated Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil in the Legislative Council.

Members, Mr. Sharad Ranpise, had raised the issue of giving help to drought affected people in the state.

Chandrakant Patil said that drought has been declared in 151 talukas in the state Rs 4,909.51 cr fund is distributed to these 151 talukas. Out of which, Rs. 4461.20 cr have been parked in bank account of 66.88 lakh farmers. For the draught-hit regions, remedies like discount in land revenue, restructuring of co-operative loans, stay on agricultural loans,33.5 percent discount in the current electricity bill of agricultural pumps, waiver in the examination fees of school / college students, relaxation in the scale of work under EGS, provision of drinking water tankers according to requirement, regular electric supply for water pumps in the villages declared as drought-hit, etc took place. A provision of Rs. 4473 cr has been provided for drought for 2019-20 years. The central government has sanctioned Rs 4563 cr for the drought.

He further informed that fodder camps have been started for the animals. In the state 1635 fodder camps have been started. For the first time this year separate fodder camps have been made available for goats and sheep. In the state, 6905 tankers are providing water to 5506 villages. If there are any complaints regarding fodder filling, it will be investigated. The Government will think positively for the exemption of school and college admission fees to drought-hit students.

Opposition Leader, Dhananjay Munde, Kapil Patil, Jayant Patil, Ramari Roopanwar and others participated in this discussion.