Singaporean company to help for Marathwada water grid –  Babanrao Lonikar

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Mumbai, 18th June 2019: A Singaporean company will provide financial help for the state government’s ambitious project – Marathwada water grid.  Cabinet has passed the Marathwada water gird’s 10 thousand 595 crores rupees proposal.  Water Supply and Sanitation Minister Babnrao Lonikar informed that a Singaporean company would provide financial aid for the project.

The delegation from Singaporean company visited today Finance Minister Sudhir Manguntiwar and Water Supply and Sanitation Minister Shri. Lonikar in Mantralaya.  They discussed in detail the Marathwada water grid project.  The delegation included of G.S. James, Vineshkumar Nathale, Surenthira Kunratnam, Kaushik Tanti, and Shivam Sharma.

Shri. Lonikar told that Singapore delegation agreed to provide financial help after discussing on regular drought situations in Marathwada, geographical conditions of Marathwada, the need of Marathwada water grid to solve the water issue and the technical aspects of water grid.

Mekrot Company presented a report on a grid system to use for drinkable water and industrial use. It has suggested the option of grid creating. Water supply is proposed for thirty years that is up to 2050. 960 million cubic water will be needed in 2050.  That includes water for urban, rural, and drinkable water for animals.

All 11 dams in Marathwada will be connected through 1330 km main pipeline to supply water through the grid in Marathwada. Then 3220 km pipelines are proposed in two-three places in each taluka. The plan is that every village will be twenty –twenty-five km distance away from the pipeline and all villages will get water supply in times of need. 3855crore rupees are estimated expenditure for a main water pipeline.  4074 crores are estimated expenditure for a secondary water pipeline that will supply water at taluka level.