Water Woes Continue for Lohgaon Residents Despite PMC Inclusion, Tanker Mafia Cash On The Situation

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Sumit Singh

Lohgaon, 23rd December 2023: Despite being integrated into the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the residents of Lohgaon are grappling with water scarcity, pushing them into the clutches of the private tanker business. The completion of the Bhama-Askhede project, expected to alleviate the water crisis, is still two and a half years away. Until then, Lohgaon citizens are compelled to rely on private tanker services, perpetuating the dominance of the tanker mafia.


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Lohgaon, marked by the presence of an international airport and a network of private educational institutes, was incorporated into the municipal corporation four to five years ago. However, the burgeoning population and construction activities have not translated into a sustainable water supply for the citizens. Residents in areas such as Yojana Nagar, Karma Bhoomi Nagar, Pathare Vasti are currently grappling with acute water shortages.

Despite the erection of highrise buildings by builders, local citizens and society owners find themselves entangled in water-related predicaments. Municipal water tanker prices hover around 900 rupees, while the cost of water from private tankers ranges from 150 to 2000 rupees, placing an additional burden on citizens.

Various political parties and organizations have staged protests to address the water crisis, but the water supply authorities have yet to address these concerns. Frustrated residents question the efficacy of being included in the municipal corporation when persistent issues remain unaddressed despite protests.

The administration’s lack of response to written complaints submitted to the municipal officer raises doubts about whether the slumbering administration will take proactive measures. This issue has been haunting Lohgaon residents for several years, prompting them to demand swift resolution to the drinking water problem.