WhatsApp Will Introduce Three New Features To Strengthen User Privacy 

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Manisha Swain

Pune, 9th August 2022: Three new privacy-focused features will be added to WhatsApp’s chat platform. With these features, users can have more security and control over their private chats.


On 9th August, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg announced the new privacy features coming to WhatsApp.


The three features which will be added to WhatsApp are:


• Control Who Can See You Online

WhatsApp will offer the option to hide the online status from particular contacts to give users more control over their online persona. The messaging app will offer a “my contacts except” option in addition to the standard choices of everyone, my contacts, and nobody to hide the status from certain contacts. This month, the feature will be made available to all users.


• Prevent Screenshots In View Once Messages

The “View Once” messages, as is common knowledge, only vanish after the receiver has seen them. The business is developing a feature that will prevent users from screenshotting such communications.


Thus, it will prevent users from saving or disseminating private messages. This function is currently being tested by WhatsApp. The implementation of this functionality is anticipated to happen soon.



• Leave Group Secretly

Currently, when a user leaves a WhatsApp group, the group’s other users are notified that the user has done so. Users will be able to secretly depart from groups using WhatsApp’s new group chat functionality. Only the group admin will be able to see who has left the group after the implementation of this feature. This function will launch this month.


In addition to these features, the company will provide customers with up to two days and twelve hours to delete a message that has already been delivered. This time restriction used to be roughly one hour.


Zuckerburg added, “We’ll keep building new ways to protect your messages and keep them as private and secure as face-to-face conversations.”