Who is powerful in Pune? BJP or NCP?

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Pune: July 20, 2021: The hoarding campaign war in Pune is taking new turn with each passing day. Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and current deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar share their birthday date. Both have their birthdays on Thursday.

And this is the bone of contention between the two parties. Despite a whip of no hoardings or advertisements of the leaders, BJP city faction has credited Fadnavis with ‘Creator of New Pune’. While Ajit Pawar loyalist have called him ‘Karbhari Laibhari’.

This hoarding war in the city clearly points towards the Municipal Elections which are six months away.

Various chowks in the city are seen with huge banners and hoardings of these two leaders. The subtle war between their respective party members now has come into full public forum. What is interesting to see in the coming weeks that who wins this war?

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