Wipro Cuts Salary for Freshers Due to Onboarding Delays Amid Pandemic

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Delhi, 20th February 2023:


Wipro, a leading Indian IT services company, has offered lower salaries to freshers due to delays in onboarding. The company has been unable to onboard new recruits on time due to various factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic and other administrative issues.


The decision to offer reduced pay to freshers has caused concern among some stakeholders, with many arguing that it could have negative implications for the company’s brand image and reputation. However, Wipro has defended the move, stating that it is necessary to ensure that freshers do not face financial difficulties while waiting to join the company.


The lower pay offered to freshers is said to be around 30% less than the normal salary offered to new recruits. However, the company has assured that the pay cut is temporary and will be adjusted to the standard salary once the freshers are on-board.


Despite the reduced pay, Wipro has stated that it remains committed to hiring freshers and providing them with opportunities to grow and develop their careers. The company has also emphasized that it is taking steps to address the issues causing the delays in onboarding and hopes to resolve them soon.


The move by Wipro to offer lower pay to freshers highlights the challenges faced by companies during the ongoing pandemic and the need to take measures to ensure business continuity. While the decision may have been a difficult one, the company has taken steps to ensure that the freshers do not face financial difficulties while waiting to join the company, which is a positive step.