Indian Chess Players Vignesh and Visakh NR Make History as First Siblings to Achieve Grandmaster Title

Indian Chess Players Vignesh and Visakh
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National, 20th February 2023: In a historic achievement, Indian chess players Vignesh and Visakh NR have become the first siblings in India to achieve the title of Grandmaster. The brothers have earned this prestigious title after demonstrating exceptional performance in various chess tournaments and meeting the necessary requirements.


Vignesh, aged 26, secured his final Grandmaster norm at the Rigo Chess GM Round Robin tournament in Hungary. Meanwhile, his younger brother Visakh, aged 23, achieved the Grandmaster title in 2019 and has continued to perform consistently in international tournaments.


The Indian chess community has congratulated the brothers on their incredible achievement, describing it as a proud moment for the country. Vignesh and Visakh’s hard work and dedication to the game have paid off, propelling them to this milestone in their careers.


The Grandmaster title is the highest honor a chess player can receive, and this achievement is a testament to the brothers’ exceptional skills and dedication to the game. Their success not only serves as an inspiration to aspiring chess players in India but also showcases the potential of the country to produce world-class chess players.


The remarkable feat achieved by Vignesh and Visakh NR underscores the value of hard work and perseverance in achieving success in any field. Their passion for the game and their pursuit of excellence have propelled them to become the first siblings in India to attain the highly coveted Grandmaster title, a remarkable accomplishment that will go down in history.