Wish to Travel in Lockdown, Now Apply On This Website If Living in Pune city

PMPML bus in Pune
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Pune, May 11, 2020: The Pune City Police have made changes in its lockdown travel application (Digital Pass) website and now people from Pune city can apply on same website for travel within the city and also to other districts of Maharashtra as well as to other states. Till May 9th, Pune city police have facilitated the travel of about 24,000 people.


However, police have appealed people to apply for digital e-passes only if it is critically important. The genuine requests get lagged because of fake emergencies! Pune, help us to help you better, Pune police has appealed. For Pune city,  Inter-district and Inter-state Digital Passes, please apply on http://punepolice.in  This site is only applicable for Pune City Police jurisdiction; for Pimpri-Chinchwad and Pune Rural – please apply for the e-passes on  http://covid19.mhpolice.in


For migrant workers and large groups, medical certificate is not required as they are being screened at the time of travel. For individual travel, you need to get a medical certificate from a registered doctor stating that you are not suffering from any influenza like illness. People in group want to travel, then one group leader can upload his/her details and upload required information of the co-passengers on the website.


“If you have not arranged for vehicle, your request can not be acted immediately. It will be clubbed in Group Travel (train / bus) being arranged by authorities. Thank you for your patience”, reads the instruction.


Also, you can apply if you do not suffer from any Covid -19 related symptoms.  Not living in any containment zones as promulgated from time to time by Competent Authorities (PMC, cantonment board).  You must have installed Aarogya Setu mobile app developed by the Government of India with location setting ON.


The other Terms & Conditions include for within Pune request a QR code will be issued, and for Inter-District and Inter-State travel, a PDF letter is issued on WhatsApp. Always carry government approved Identity card you have given in above request. Whenever stopped by police, the concerned person should show their ID card, and kindly cooperate with police on the ground.


You will be liable for prosecution if any false information is provided. The travel permission is subject to your adherence to various guidelines /orders given by authorities from time to time. People in quarantine should not apply for Digital Pass, they are requested to stay home. There is no movement allowed FROM & TO containment zones as promulgated from time to time by Competent Authorities. Please note, staying at home is important for your and others health until the lockdown is over.


After the application is submitted, it is being sent to Collector of District where the applicant wants to travel, and after approval is received from there, then only Pune police will issue you travel permission pass. Please dial 100 for further assistance. While applying for digital passes, please note that the token numbers starting with the code PUN stands for Pune City. Meanwhile PIM is for Pimpri-Chinchwad Police and PNR for Pune Rural Police.