Young Farmer’s Watermelon Success Story: Jayesh Valunj Transforms Agriculture with Modern Techniques

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Pune, 29th March 2024: Young farmers are transforming traditional agriculture through the adoption of modern technologies, achieving profitability by focusing on fruit crop cultivation.

Jayesh Tanaji Valunj, an agriculture graduate from Valunj Nagar (Ambegaon), exemplifies this trend, having realized a net profit of two and a half lakh rupees from watermelon cultivation on a one-acre plot.

Despite facing a capital expenditure of Rs 70,000 to 80,000 per acre, Jayesh’s innovative approach yielded impressive results, with a production output of 26 to 27 tons of watermelon per acre. In regions afflicted by drought, such as Loni, Dhamani, Khadakwadi, and others, where water scarcity traditionally limited farmers to vegetable cultivation, Jayesh’s success serves as a beacon of hope.

Drawing upon his agricultural education, Jayesh leveraged modern technology to introduce advanced farming techniques, diversifying crop production and securing lucrative returns. He now shares his expertise with fellow farmers in the area, guiding them in adopting modern agricultural practices.

Watermelon trader Santosh Nichit commended Jayesh’s efforts, purchasing watermelon at a rate of ten and a half rupees per kilogram. Notably, Jayesh’s father, Tanaji Valunj, managed water and fertilizer applications on the farm, contributing to its success. Additionally, former sarpanch Mahendra Valunj, Deepak Valunj, and other local farmers have praised Jayesh for his remarkable achievements in boosting production.

Addressing the challenges posed by climate change, Jayesh Valunj deployed modern techniques during the preparation of beds, fertilization, and planting of watermelons in late January. Through meticulous water and fertilizer management, as well as the use of drip irrigation and mulching paper, Jayesh effectively navigated environmental changes, resulting in a successful watermelon harvest.