Zero Intolerance Towards Terror

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Since time immemorial society has been facing opposites of management and administration which include keepers and disruptors of peace. Indian society too, is no alien to this management.
Our independence was witness to the horrors of creation separate states of India and Pakistan. While India chose democracy as governing policy our neighbour opted for militarism. Pakistan’s geographical location was suited to US’ policy of containing Russia (formerly USSR) and influencing Afghanistan thereby enabling its control over Asia. This policy prompted an influx of humongous unmonitored and unaccountable aid in terms of financial support and arms to Pakistan.
Our then fledgling parliament was naive to administration of such a huge geographical land and its people. They could not have foreseen the current situation that the state of J&K could face. At that time when matters could have been nipped in the bud itself the administrators chose to remain lethargic and stubborn to the needs of the state of J&K. Generations are witness to the result of such a continued blunder.
The state of J&K has been undergoing a self-created turmoil since the 90s. A lot of blood shed at the behest of our neighbour and further assisted by our incompetency in handling an issue has, perhaps, gone beyond redemption. The current state of J&K is attributable to flawed policies and lethargic implementations only.
There is no doubt that terror has no place in society. As if current manpower is not enough, the Centre has chosen to eliminate terrorism from J&K by pushing in additional manpower in terms of NSG. The Army has been highly successful in bringing down militancy in the State with multi-pronged approach of ‘Iron Hand in Velvet Glove’.
Managing terrorists or militants with kid-gloves, being propounded by those who have never been even close to ground realities or nefarious activities, will only nurture further violence and bloodshed. The need of the hour is credible diplomacy through unflinching political will further necessitating of sending a strong message to separatists and neighbours to lay-off from their nefarious activities. The people of J&K are for development and lasting peace barring a handful of miscreants. It is these rotten apples that need to be sorted out for eternity.
It is a common fallacy that separatists and Pakistan are stakeholders in the peace process of J&K. What locus standi do these have in deciding the fate of peace-loving Kashmiris? It is the people of the state including the displaced Kashmiris who are the only stakeholders. Anyone wielding a gun in this regard must be put down ruthlessly as has been done till date by the Army.
An analogy may be drawn here with the other Indian States who do not resort to such an agenda of terrorism. Despite the J&K’s peculiarity, resorting to militancy is intolerable in a civilized society. There have been numerous instances wherein the State has been showered with generous amount of financial packages for smooth administration. A crying example is that of electrification of it’s remotest villages. The State by itself is unable to produce vegetables. These are brought in from South of Kashmir, beyond the Shamshabari range. Have we ever heard that these convoys of vegetables and supplies including fuel have been attacked or refused? Introduction of railways has smoothened travel to no end in the valley. And who is responsible for their smooth transportation – The Army.
The villagers, who do not form part of any nefarious activity, are actually at the receiving end. Srinagar is not a village where reporters of human rights and proponents of “azaadi” have been advocating. The Army has been at the forefront of winning over their hearts and minds with it’s slogan – “Jawan aur Awam, Awam hai Muqam” (The Soldier and The Citizen, Our Aim is to Reach Citizens). These citizens are Kashmiris.
Had such proponents been on ground to witness the administrative work done by the Army which is beyond their calling then the current brouhaha in the State and surrounding it would not have existed in the first place. The misfortune of our country is that our Armed Forces are regarded only when there is a war or a war-like situation. Notwithstanding anything, enforcement of a ruthless zero tolerance towards terror backed by effective diplomacy and smooth administration is the rightful policy to be sustained till normalcy returns.