Bajaj Allianz launches CSR initiative ‘Caringly yours’ on valentine’s day


14 FEB 2019, Pune- Across the world valentine’s day is celebrated through different activities by showering love on one’s beloved one,but Bajaj Allianz has celebrated it by spreading the massage about road safety which causes most of the fatal accidents and asked people to use helmets for their safety under the banner ‘Caringly yours’ a Corporate Social Responsibility by Bajaj Allianz General insurance here on Thursday in the City.It has launched program with hoarding which was decorated by actual 1500 helmets,and written with the help of these helmets as ‘Caringly yours’ the tagline,and appealed to people ‘if you love ,then show care by wearing helmets’ on the occasion of valentine’s day.

This innovative hording is unveiled at the hands of Sanjiv Bajaj,Chairman,Bajaj Allianz General insurance,Dr.K Venkatesh am, Commissioner of police Pune,Tapan Singhal ,MD&CEO ,Bajaj Allianz General insurance and Radhika Apte,rewoned actress.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance with the support of Pune Traffic Police will distribute these helmet for free to those who have been penalised for not wearing helmet while driving by personally visiting their home.
Life is precious,19th century has witnessed war over war,war of diseases,war of accidents which expresses the concern.

Person who are died in terrorist activities are certainly lesser than the road accidents victim,said Dr K Venkatesham, Commissioner of Police,Pune.

Maharashtra has lost 13000 lives in previous years due to fatal accidents,in 2019 since January till date 24 deaths are occured while in last year’s number is 34 which is 33% less so we could manage to minimise,he also added.

However the Initiative to use compulsory helmet was taken by the Commissioner but it was strongly opposed by Puneits.

Sanjiv Bajaj said in his speech Pune city wich has largest amount of two wheeler which is also known as city of youth who mostly ride on two wheeler so it’s responsibility of an individual and company to support Pune police for social cause.To give greater good of society that cares not only to customer but also employees and shareholders,for us customer centricity is not just a service ,but rather a way of being ,with our new brand identity of ‘Caringly yours’we will not only reinforce this massage but take it to a newer light ,he also said.

Some time road accidents are dangerous than aeroplane accidents,said Radhika Apte.we should follow basic traffic rules to avoid accidents to be in safe city for this cause Bajaj Allianz is taking good initiative.She also recalled her childhood experience that she was not allowed to ride a two wheeler unless she had a helmet by her father who is a neurosurgeon and I learned about safety from my home.

At Bajaj Allianz General insurance,our philosophy has always been to work towards addressing the worries of people in whichever manner possible and being there with them when they need us.I have noticed that smallest of things can have a big impact in the lives of people ,like wearing helmet is not perceived as important, negligence of which can cost you your life.We care f people and hence we are carrying such activities said ,Tapan Singhel,MD&CEO , Bajaj Allianz General Insurance.