19-Year-Old Man From Bihar Dies Of Heart Attack During Gym Workout in Ghaziabad

19-Year-Old Man From Bihar Dies Of Heart Attack During Gym Workout in Ghaziabad
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Ghaziabad, 17th September 2023: In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded at a gym in Ghaziabad’s Khoda area, a 19-year-old man met a tragic end while vigorously exercising on a treadmill. The young soul has been identified as Siddharth Kumar, hailing from Siwan, Bihar, who had been residing in Khoda alongside his father.


The grieving family, stricken by the sudden loss of their beloved Siddharth, made the somber journey back to their native village in Bihar to perform his last rites. Surprisingly, no post-mortem examination was conducted, and local authorities have reported no complaints lodged thus far.


Startlingly, the authorities were alerted to this unfortunate incident not through conventional channels but rather via social media. The family chose not to notify the police about the distressing occurrence. In an attempt to gather more information, officials reached out to the bereaved family, who confirmed their decision to transport Siddharth’s mortal remains to their village for the final farewell.


CCTV footage of the incident portrays the harrowing moment when two Good Samaritans rushed to Siddharth Kumar’s aid after he collapsed while running on the treadmill. Siddharth, the cherished and only son of his parents, had embarked on a new chapter in his life this year by enrolling in a college for his undergraduate studies. His dedication to fitness had seen him frequent the gym for the past six months.