A dedicated channel for documentaries and non-feature films is needed to expand their reach- Goutam Ghose

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Mumbai, January 29, 2018 : A dedicated channel for documentaries and non-feature films is needed to expand their reach, said Goutam Ghose, veteran film maker, music director and cinematographer. He was addressing a press meet during 15th edition of Mumbai International Film Festival, MIFF 2018 today.

He appreciated MIFF as the only platform for documentary, short film and animation film makers in India and abroad. Expressing his feelings about MIFF, he said MIFF has provided platform for independent film makers who have no public market. He also appreciated that though MIFF is a government sponsored festival, its role is limited up to organization and there is no interference in content and selection of films. He also cherished some wonderful works of Films Division since long and its role for nurturing quality film culture in India.

As the technology is changing rapidly so the perception about films. Terming it as a transition period for documentaries and fictions at the technology level, Ghose hoped for better outcome for filmmakers.

Giving his opinion on popularizing regional language films, he opined that we should not barricade films or label them as national or regional. Every film made in India should be called as an ‘Indian Film’ only, said Mr Ghose. Apart from organizing festivals like MIFF, there should be wider screening of regional language films. He hoped that I and B ministry would again give special slot for regional films on Doordarshan Channels as it was earlier. He reiterated his wish making MIFF as an annual affair.

Mr Ghose said that documentaries and feature films both are equally powerful media of expression hence should be given equal importance. Elaborating qualities needed for making documentaries, he said that love, intimacy and dedication for your subject is a must. Diversity is the beauty of Indian culture and we have enormous subjects for cinemas here, added Mr Ghose .

Known for making an issue-based documentaries and feature films, Goutam Ghose’s next documentary is on Calcutta High Court, one of the oldest Courts in the country. It will be the first film having real shooting of inside proceedings and trials in the Courtroom.

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