39% Of Males At Risk Of Developing Obesity Under Age Of 25 Years In Pune

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Pune, 6th April 2023: On the occasion of World Health Day, April 7, 2023, a study by Indus Health Plus revealed that 47% of females and 39% of males were at risk of developing obesity under the age of 25 years resulting from unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, increasing stress levels and consumption of alcohol and tobacco. The sample size for the study was 12000 who underwent preventive health check-ups from June 2020 – December 2022.

Indus Health Plus Abnormality report states that 17% of females and 20% of males are at risk of developing diabetes. Out of all the check-ups done, 40% of the females and 35 % of males in Pune are at risk of developing Atherosclerosis.

Amol Naikawadi, Preventive Healthcare Specialist, Indus Health Plus says, “Obesity can be seen on the high rise among the young age group of people. The incidence of diabetes is high among females in Pune. The increasing incidences of obesity and diabetes are due to unhealthy eating habits, and sedentary lifestyles. It is suggested to go for a timely check-up to reduce the risk of diabetes complications. An increase in physical activity and mindful eating can reduce obesity risk. Also, it has been observed that post covid, people have become more aware regarding their health and are coming for regular health checkups with family members including the younger generation.”

Key findings from the survey:

The sample size for the study was 12000 who underwent preventive health check-ups during June 2020-Dec 2022
It was observed that 29.3 % of females were likely to develop Anaemia as against 5.6% of male counterparts.
Educating on a proper nutritious diet, menstrual and hormonal disorders, which contribute to a large extent, and timely intervention by doing regular health check up and follow up, would help a large population and prevent them from becoming deficient in iron and Vit B12, which thereby leads to anaemia.
There was a steady increase in the incidence of Hypertension in both males and females during and after the 2 waves of covid and post covid phase.
Stress is considered to be one of the most important contributing factor for the occurrence of Hypertension along with Diabetes and many more diseases.
Exercises, meditation, yoga on a regular basis, are considered to be indispensible for alleviating daily stress.

People should put their primary attention on maintaining good health, preventing lifestyle diseases, and fostering a culture of healthy living among the younger generation. Due to sedentary lifestyle and eating habits, people now, are more prone these lifestyle diseases. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle routine. Preventive healthcare Investment, which costs one tenth as much as curative treatments, is the only option to lower the cost of treating lifestyle disorders.