441 temporary shelter centres opened for flood affected people, 4.66 persons shifted

Mumbai, Aug 12, 2019: The administration is making hectic efforts to evacuate the marooned persons from flood ravaged areas to safer places and so far, 466,963 persons were shifted to safer destinations. They are sheltered in the 441 temporary relief centres. Total 111 rescue teams including 33 teams of SDRF, and Army, Navy and Coast Guard teams are deployed to evacuate the marooned people. Medical teams are also deployed in these relief camps, informed the State Disaster Control Room.

105 rescue teams are employed in the two worst-hit districts of Kolhapur and Sangli . This included 54 teams in Kolhapur and 51 in Sangli district. Besides, rescue teams are deployed in Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Sindhudurg, Nasik, Dhule and Nagpur.

247,678 flood-affected people of 12 talukas in Kolhapur district and 173,089 marooned people from four flood ravaged talukas of Sangli districts have been shifted to safe destinations. 208 shelter centres in Kolhapur and 108 temporary shelters in Sangli district have been set up.

The rescue work in other flood affected districts in the state is going on full steam. Under these rescue works 9,521 people from 118 villages in six talukas of Satara district, 13,104 from 25 villages of seven talukas of Thane district, 13, 500 from 108 villages of 8 talukas of Pune district, 3,894 persons from 5 villages in five talukas of Nasik district, 2000 from 58 villages in 3 talukas of Palghar district, 687 persons from 12 villages of 7 talukas in Ratnagiri district, 3000 people from 60 villages of 9 talukas in Raigad district, and 490 persons from 18 villages in 7 talukas of Sindhudurg district were shifted to safe destinations.

Seventy talukas of Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Thane, Nasik, Palghar, Ratnagiri, Raigad and Dinshudurf districts are affected by the worst floods of the season. A total of 761 villages are marooned due to these floods where relief work is being conducted on a large scale.