A Tribute to R D Burman on birth Anniversary


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DJ Sheizwood pays tribute to his idol Shri. R D Burman on his centenary birthday 27th June & dedicated the song to his  melodies and unmatched musical  creations.

Rains have knocked the doors of city again and for once in a while, we would all want to sit back, relax and watch this beautiful phenomenon of nature.  To make that experience filled with contentedness, Dj Sheizwood released the first monsoon song of the year- “Baarish Ki Boondein”  which is composed by DJ Sheizwood in his very own voice.

The slow paced, awe-inspiring musical composition by the expert blends perfectly with his soulful voice making it a perfect company for that window gazing.

The song which released today on 80th birth anniversary of most influential composer of all time, Shri R.D.Burman. Dj Sheizwood picked this date as he takes the legend as his idol and believes that he was the true genius of recreation.

“Baarish Ki Boondein”  is an original track which taps in the rainy vibe of love, passion and intensity. It’s a song which not only touches with beats but also narrates a story which makes it more ticklish in the belly, ports you to a freshly washed world and a quenched earth.

Dj Sheizwood’s been the voice behind some of the greatest hits in past and once more he took the responsibility of bringing out this melodious track to the audience on his own. He’s supported by a team of efficient professionals.

Produced by Inndresh Badola; directed by Rajeev Srivastava; with music & vocals of Dj Sheizwood, the song will also feature Inndresh Badola and actress Zara Siddique. The technical team will have Shakil Khan as DOP, Manish Pandey as editor and Rupam Pandey as creative director. Music production is done by Dibya Jyoti Bharali; mix and mastered By Niraj Singh (Kailasa Studio) and additional programming by Viplove Rajdeo.

“Monsoon is the most romantic season, wherein a playful track which conveys a beautiful story of rain, beauty, wit and romance with evocative lyrics is definitely an unmatched musical creation. Though music is a very personal choice, we are sure the love for rain songs is universal” said the multi talented and national awardee, DJ Sheizwood who has given innumerable hit songs in past and who’s a pioneer in recreating music.