Maharashtra gets 136 projects under PM   Kisan Sampada Yojana   Scheme

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New Delhi, 26 June:- Under the Prime Minister Kisan Sampada Yojana 730 projects for food processing industry have been given green signal. Out of these, maximum 136 projects are sanctioned for Maharashtra.

Ministry of food processing industries (MoFPI) had approved rupees 31 thousand 400 crore investment for processing 334 lakh metric ton agricultural produce under the PMKSY scheme across the nation. Under this scheme, 730 projects are given approval and maximum 136 are in Maharashtra. 20 lakh farmers of the nation are going to be benefited by this scheme. For the year 2019- 20, about 5 lakh 30 thousand 500 direct and indirect employment will be generated due to this scheme.

67 cold storages for Maharashtra

Out of of the projects sanctioned for Maharashtra under the PMKSY scheme, maximum 67 are cold storage. 22 food testing laboratories in the state are also given approval. Similarly, 12 centers which will be supportive for giving a boost to investment in the food processing industry, are also accorded approval. Eight farm produce process clusters, three Mega Food Parks and 24 schemes related to food processing industries were given green signal in the state.

After Maharashtra, 66 projects have been sanctioned for Uttar Pradesh, 55 for Gujarat and 50 projects for Tamilnadu under the PMKSY scheme. Union Minister of state for food processing industries Rameshwar Teli gave this written information in reply to a question asked in the Lok Sabha today.