About 100 Rooftop Restaurants Functioning Without Permission In Pune, PMC Issues Notices To All

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 6th November 2022: In Pune, about 100 rooftop restaurants are operating without permission. The Pune Police, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), and Excise Department are all putting pressure on each other to take action on these issues. The PMC has issued notices to 57 restaurants.

The burning question of the hour, however, is who should take action after the orders were issued. The police were also advised to intervene. The police have also requested that the Excise Department intervene. However, no one has taken the initiative. Last Tuesday, a fire broke out at Vegeta’s Rooftop Restaurant in Kondhwa’s Lulla Nagar junction.

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According to officials, about 100 rooftop restaurants are operating in the city, although building codes prohibit them. Furthermore, loud music is played all night. Finding these rooftop restaurants is easy because their addresses in Pune can be found on the internet.

PMC Executive Engineer Rohidas Gavane told PunekarNews.in, “We have issued notices to all rooftop restaurants and actions are being taken against them.”

Advocate Ajinkya Shinde, vice-president of the United Hospitality Association, said, “PMC should create awareness instead of just taking action on huge investment of people. There is misunderstanding between restruant owner and PMC about action on rooftop restaurants. PMC should appoint one nodle officer to educate restaurant owners about what is allowed and what is not.”