ACP’s Fall or Suicide Attempt? Pune Police Faces Tough Questions; Incident After Accused Granted Default Bail

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Pune, 16th January 2024: In a perplexing turn of events, an ACP of the Pune city police force found himself at the center of speculation after an incident involving a fall from a building. The official had been handling the investigation of a serious crime, where the accused and accomplices, were granted bail due to a delay in filing the chargesheet.

Three months ago, a youth lost his life in a gang war in the central region, and the ACP in Zone One was tasked with investigating the case. However, a failure to file the chargesheet within the stipulated time led to the release of the accused. This lapse in the legal process resulted in senior officials giving a dressing down to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

On Monday, the ACP was reported to have fallen from a balcony, sparking discussions within the police force about a potential suicide attempt. Contrary to rumors, senior officials clarified that the incident occurred due to a slip in the balcony, not a deliberate act.

Upon learning about the incident, two DCPs and other senior officials rushed to the hospital where the ACP is receiving treatment. They reassured the officer and advised against misconstruing the situation. According to senior officials, the ACP slipped and sustained a leg injury in the balcony, dispelling any notions of a suicide attempt.

The incident, however, shed light on the mental stress the ACP was under due to the scrutiny over the delayed chargesheet in the serious crime case. Senior officers acknowledged addressing the matter with the official but emphasized the need to avoid baseless assumptions.

The police force is now focused on supporting the Assistant Commissioner’s recovery and ensuring the completion of necessary investigations without further speculation.