Pune: Virtual Classroom and Modern Computer Lab at Jail Officers Training College, Yerwada

maharashtra jail computer lab
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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 16th January 2024: In a significant stride towards modernizing training methodologies for the Maharashtra Prison Department, Amitabh Gupta, Additional Director General of Police and Inspector General, Prisons and Correctional Services, Maharashtra State, inaugurated a state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom and Modern Computer Lab today at the Jail Officers Training College in Yerwada, Pune.

The infrastructure, sponsored by Finolex Industries Ltd. through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding, aims to enhance the training facilities for officers and employees of the Maharashtra Prison Department. The inauguration ceremony marked a momentous occasion, highlighting the commitment to providing advanced tools for the professional development of prison personnel.

The Maharashtra Prisons Department has been actively emphasizing the computerization of its operations, with the implementation of the ePrisons (ICJS) system and the ongoing process of introducing the eOffice system. To keep pace with the evolving landscape, innovative concepts like eLearning, Virtual Classroom, and eLibrary are being introduced for comprehensive training. Recognizing the need for a well-equipped training facility, the Jail Officer Training College has expanded, featuring a Modern Computer Lab capable of accommodating 50 officers and employees simultaneously.

Pranita Parlikar and Vijay Bhise have been appointed as instructors for the Virtual Classroom and Modern Computer Lab, facilitating expert training sessions on various subjects for prison officers and employees across different districts of the state.

During the inauguration, Gupta expressed, “With the creation of 2000 new posts and the ongoing recruitment process for 255 positions, the Maharashtra Prisons Department will soon benefit from a considerable pool of trained manpower. This will not only alleviate the workload on existing officers and staff but also enhance the overall security system within prisons.”

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The initiative to introduce modernization and information technology-related training facilities stems from the need for jail officers and employees to adapt to the evolving landscape. Gupta, in collaboration with state-level training institutes such as Yashwantrao Chavan Academy Of Development Administration (Yashada), Pune, Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik, and Maharashtra Intelligence Academy, Pune, aims to equip prison personnel with essential skills.

The event witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including Dr. Jalinder Supekar, Special Inspector General of Police (Prison Headquarters), Swati Sathe, Deputy Inspector General of Prisons, Sunil Dhamal, Superintendent Yerwada Central Jail, Nitin Vaichal, Principal Daulatrao Jadhav Jail Officer Training College, and representatives from Mukul Madhav Foundation and Finolex Industries Ltd.