Aditya Birla Hospital Medical Staff does an emergency delivery at Pune Railway Station

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28 October 2019, Pune- 9 month pregnant, 35 years old Sonali Dutta Kendre was standing on Pune station on Platform No. 3 at around 10.40 am, when a boy noticed that the lady was bleeding on her Saree. He immediately rushed out to the medical center to call Doctor. Aditya Birla’s Free Medical Care Unit at Pune station received a call from Railway Commercial Officer Vinit Kumar and RPF staff S.M.Mane with a complaint of a lady bleeding continuously. Immediately, the railway staff along with Dr. Maya Rokade and Nurse Sarita Mane rushed on the platform. They helped the entire process for normal delivery.

Initially the baby was not crying, we had to stimulate the baby’s plantar region and then the baby cried immediately. The medical staff of Aditya Birla Hospital stabilized both the baby and the mother and ensured they were both normal. Proper examination of mother and baby was done. The baby was weighed 3kg. The patient along with newborn baby girl was shifted to Sasson hospital for further treatment”, shared Dr. Maya Rokade, Aditya Birla Hospital.

“We are very proud of our medical staff who are always available at the Pune Station to handle such emergency cases. The support which we received from the Railway staff and Railway Police was also outstanding. I am happy both the mother and the baby are fine”, shared Rekha Dubey, CEO, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital.

“We started with Free Medical Care Unit with Central Railway Pune Division in April 2018 to provide the free of cost medical services to passengers round the clock. Since its inception, the center has attended and treated 11000 patients, handled 118 emergency and critical cases and has attended 320 patients in running trains. On an average every month, 550 to 600 patients are handled by the center, 9 to 10 critical and emergency cases and 40 – 50 patients on running train. Our staff is doing great work with co- operation and support from railway Staff”, she further added”, she further added.