Aditya Birla Hospital Medical Staff does an emergency delivery at Pune Railway Station

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17 DEC 2018 PUNE : 7 month pregnant, 28 years old Mrs RajKumari Jangale was travelling from Lonavala to Bilaspur. She suddenly got pain in lower abdomen at Pune Junction Platform no. 2 at 9:34 pm. Aditya Birla Hospital’s medical staff from free medical care unit rushed to manage the delivery. Dr. Pooja Dubey led the case along with other paramedics and did the delivery of a premature baby girl on Platform no. 2.

The medical staff of Aditya Birla Hospital stabalised both the baby and the Mother and ensured they were both normal. “Proper examination of mother and baby was done. Baby was normal and cried immediately after birth and weighed around 2.5kg. We removed the placenta completely and shifted the lady and child to the nearby Sasoon Hospital”, shared Dr. Pooja Dubey, Aditya Birla Hospital.

“We are very proud of our medical staff who are always available at the Pune Station to handle such emergency cases. Their work was appreciated by the family of the patient, and everyone at the Railway station and their staff. I am happy both the mother and the baby are fine”, shared Ms. Rekha Dubey, CEO, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital.