“Adventure in school years helps in personality development”

Adventure in school
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Pune, July 7, 2020: “Imbibing adventure culture through trekking and mountaineering in school years helps kids in personality development. Kids start learning to adapt newer and challenging conditions at an early age, they can figure out self-weakness and also discover new skills like teamwork, leadership if they embark on an adventure at the right age. Parents have made the right decision by enrolling the students in the innovative adventure syllabus organized by GGIM as it will help kids to understand the importance of leaving their comfort zone at right time,” Sunandan Lele, senior sports journalist expressed his views on the necessity of adventure in current demanding times. He was interacting with parents and students of Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering (GGIM)’s yearlong adventure syllabus- Avhaan- Nirmaan- Udaan (ANU) through an online meeting. The sixth edition of unique adventure course for school kids aged 10 to 16 was launched online on Sunday, July 5, 2020.

Every year, GGIM conducts adventure activities (an activity per month in Sahyadri and a camp in the Himalayas) through ANU adventure syllabus for school kids aged 10 to 16. This year, due to the recent novel pandemic and the lockdown the world had come to a standstill. But the development of physical fitness, mental strength of the youth cannot be put on hold. However, the safety and health of children are to be ensured. Staying inside the home indefinitely is not a solution. Keeping this in mind, GGIM has planned NEW WAYS, NEW METHODS, NEW APPROACH to embark on its 6th Edition of ANU. The inauguration of the course conducted via online meetings on ZOOM and Facebook Live as well. Over 600 school kids and parents attended the event.

Umesh Zirpe, founder-director, GGIM explained the purpose of adventure education to students and parents. He said, “The spread of coronavirus and the lockdown have taught us the undisputed importance of physical and mental health. Outdoor education through trekking, hiking, mountaineering is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Trekkers, mountaineers, nature lovers, have in particular noticed how being in nature has taught us fundamental lessons of surviving with simplicity and positivity. Outdoor education has subtly boosted immunity systems, imparted life skills, and gave the confidence to face adversities without losing optimism. We didn’t want the kids to miss the opportunity due to the restrictions on outdoor activities. Hence, we designed the ANU course with a new approach and new methods.”


During the online program, Dr. Sachin Pethkar, Founder, Jidnyasa Learning also expressed his views on adventure education and motivated the students. Bhushan Harshe, Head of Operations, GGIM, explained how the new edition will be executed keeping all the norms. Ushaprabha Page, Founder- President Giripremi concluded the session with a motivational speech. Vivek Shivade, head of the syllabus, GGIM coordinated the online session.


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