After Bihar, BJP can also use it in other states, know what their strategy is

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Patna, November 17 2020 : After introducing new faces in the formation of government in Bihar, BJP can carry forward this experiment in other states as well. BJP president JP Nadda has started it with his organization’s team. Now their team in-charge of various states will explore the possibility of this change in their respective states.

BJP started making many changes in the organization with young and new faces only after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It has done this work in many places, but in some states, it has not been able to materialize due to various reasons. Changes have been made in the organization in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, but the political leadership has not been changed. However, the political situations of these two states are different.

According to sources, the party is looking for an alternative to Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa in Karnataka as well to strengthen its expansion in the south. However, they will not hurry, because it also requires the stability of the government. The Union Organization, General Secretary BL Santosh and Secretary General CT Ravi are directly looking at the states of the south. These states may see many changes in the near future.

Will inculcate youth leaders
BJP President JP Nadda recently appointed Central In-charge for various states is new and young. Their responsibility will be to raise new and young leaders at the district and state levels in their respective states so that the BJP can have a large team of energetic leaders till the next general elections.

Sushil Kumar may get a place in the Centre
BJP in Bihar has started this change despite having a coalition government. A new leader has been appointed in the place of Sushil Kumar Modi. The leader of the party said that this does not mean removing any leader, but to make room for the new team. Experienced leaders are to be put to good use elsewhere. Sources say that Sushil Modi may get a place in the Centre.

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