“Anjali would never be happy with the thought of me repairing things” –  Sachin Tendulkar

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For most parts of the world, cricket is Sachin and Sachin is cricket. No one can deny that Sachin has accomplished what would be a cricketer’s dream come true. But post-retirement, what does our favorite master-blaster do to keep him occupied? In the __ episode of Viu’s ‘What The Duck 3’, Sachin Tendulkar and the super funny Virender Sehwag team up again to recall some of their best memories from their cricketing days.

On how days would pass after retiring, Sachin revealed, “I would just repair. Previously, even in the dressing room I used to enjoy repairing things. Now, I would take that passion of reconstructing things back home. I would re-work on the paintings, the fan, glass windows. Basically, anything I could put my hand on. Anjali always asks me why I do this and would never be happy with this thought.”

Even Cricket-Gods cannot get away from being questioned by their wives.