Are Online Casino Youtubers like Knossi Dangerous for the German Youth?

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17 May 2020 – Casino streaming has become rather popular in the last few years with famous streamers like Knossi attracting a large following within a short period. The premise for casino streaming was to provide a platform where online casinos could connect with their audiences easily.

Later on, individuals took on the practice by streaming themselves playing online casino games on YouTube in a bid to share knowledge with other passionate players. The streamers showcase their online casino gameplay to fans allowing them to see them winning and losing.

It is this level of transparency that has made casino streaming extremely popular. Also, the thrill of gambling and racking up big wins has made the once frowned upon practice widely accepted among the youth.

Knossi, for example, a famous casino streamer on YouTube uploads videos of the most successful games. With a following of 10,000 fans, the German poker player, rose to fame after winning the German Poker casting show known as ‘PokerStars sucht das PokerAss.’

Later, he started streaming casino games on YouTube, with the most famous being Razor Shark. Knossi even composed a song about the casino game, which appeared on German’s top 50 single charts. Jens Knossalla (his real name) has since become a household name attracting a large following that consists of German youth.

Most of them believe that playing casino games using the said strategies can make them rich overnight. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even as more online casino You Tubers showcase their wins and providing winning strategies to win slots, scratch card games, the blackjack, the Roulette, among others, every casino game follows specific rules that players shouldn’t ignore. Here are some facts you need to know before following any online casino YouTube blindly:

Outcomes are Independent

Naturally, players look for patterns to help them make predictions about the outcome of the game. They believe that the outcome of the game is based on previous results, and many online casino YouTubers may advise fans based on such a fallacy. It is a misleading misconception. One memorable example is from Casino de Monte Carlo, where a Roulette wheel landed on the black colour 26 times.

Many gamblers had placed their bets on red believing the odds would favour them as the wheel had produced many blacks. They lost millions. The truth is each game, spin, or hand is independent from the previous one.

Additionally, the games use RnG software, which produces random outcomes that can create the illusion of a pattern even when it does not exist. The human mind is designed to identify patterns in sequences of events, especially when there are repeat numbers.

It explains why experts advise against chasing losses. Players on a losing streak are often tempted to gamble a little more in the belief that they will start winning. As such, they may increase the bet size in a bid to win back losses.

There’s No Perfect Betting System

The Martingale betting is the most popular as it guarantees wins. You only need to increase your bet every time you lose until you have won. However, table limits were invented to prevent people from misusing the system.

If playing a hand at the Roulette table and place a 750 chip bet on the red/black, you can double the bet each time you lose until you win. Thus, you need to lose six times to attain the table limit of 48000 to recover the initial 750 bet.

Such a betting strategy is flawed as it encourages players to keep on betting even when on a losing streak. You also need to consider the RTP of that game as the bet size affects its payout. Thus, the higher the bet size, the higher the RTP of the betting system.


There are two players, X and Y, playing the Roulette. Player X bets €20 while Player Y bets €5 during each round. Both players have placed wagers on colours black or red.

After a simulation of a million instances, Player X is likely to get €500 10.9% of the time. It is equal to a payout ratio of 48.68 if X plays 84 rounds.

Player Y, however, has a 0.88% chance of winning €500 and can only win the amount of they play 80 rounds without losing. If you are not sure about the betting strategy, explore a few games on Knossi Kasino on demo mode to avoid playing on a losing streak.

Understand the Expected Return and Variance of a Game

Slot games and the Roulette have fixed percentages of returns on each bet made. The percentage does not change regardless of the amount of money you play. For example, if the European Roulette has a return to player of 97.3% and you place a bet worth €1, you expect 97.3 cents back every time you win.

The remaining balance is the house edge or the profit margin. Most players are oblivious of this fact and assume that as long as a famous online casino YouTube has won 9/10 games, they can also flip coins to make killer profits.

Acquaint yourself with the house edge and use calculated strategies because there are no defined ways to help you realize better wins. Online casino games are designed to yield returns that are a little less than 100%. The basic blackjack, for example, has an RTP of 99.5% while live and online blackjack has RTPs based on the dealer deal cards.

Slot machines, on the other hand, have a payout ranging from 92-99%, and their payouts are based on the symbols displayed on the virtual reels. Another feature to look at before employing strategies recommended by online casino You Tubers is the variance. Also known as the volatility, it determines how rapidly the bankroll depletes when playing a game.

As such games are classified as either the high variance or low-variance games. The latter is designed to yield small regular wins; hence your bankroll might not show significant changes. High-variance games, on the other hand, generate big wins and losses.

The variance also determines the distribution of winnings when expressed as a multiple of the player’s bet. For example, when you bet on a single number in Roulette, the wins are paid out 36 times the stake. However, if you bet on a colour, the gains should be double that bet.

Slot variance is a bit complex as you can achieve different winning combinations. Thus gaming developers describe its variance as high, medium, or small. While the expected return for some bets appears the same, the difference in their variance causes a significant change in short-term results. It would help to account for the two actors before following any betting advice online.

Set Limits

Gambling can be addictive, especially when you want to emulate a famous online casino YouTube. You may feel the urge to explore most of their winning strategies, causing you to overspend. It is imperative to set a budget just like any other gambling session. If on a losing streak, avoid chasing your losses. Similarly, if you just won, avoid plowing back all your profits as you could lose your money.

While online casino streaming is all the rage, young people should be careful when applying the recommended betting strategies. Remember, each outcome is independent of the other, there’s no perfect betting strategy and factor in the RTP and the variance of each game before playing. Also, set a betting budget and stick to it to avoid getting carried away visit for detailed information.

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