Armed Forces set up Joint Operations Centre in Pune to co-ordinate flood relief, rescue works

Pune, August 8, 2019 : Incessant rains have resulted in widespread flooding in Southern Maharashtra, Karnataka and Northern Kerala.  A large number of troops from Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard have been deployed to facilitate rescue and relief operations in concert with NDRF/ SDRF.  A Joint Operations Center has also been established at Dakshin Maharashtra and Goa Sub Area, Pune for coordinating the relief and rescue operations being carried out by the Armed Forces in all the three states.

As on 08 August 2019, the Army has deployed 16 Columns, 14 Engineer Task Forces including a Para Special Force team for ongoing flood relief and rescue operations in Kolhapur, Sangli and Raigarh districts of Maharashtra and  Bagalkot, Raichur, Belgaum and Kodagu districts of Karnataka. Additional troops have also been requisitioned for carrying out flood reliefs operations in the area of Gulbarga in North Karnataka and Wayanad district of Kerala. A Special Engineer Task Force is being air lifted from Jodhpur to Belgaum for further enhancement of the ongoing rescue operations.

A total of around 3500 persons have been rescued and 10000 persons have been evacuated from marooned / flooded areas, provided medical aid and distributed with food packets. The Army personnel showcase dauntless courage  and extreme devotion to duty while rescuing 24 personnel including a pregnant  lady stranded for more than 72 hrs at Kowad village in Kolhapur district.  The efforts and selflessness displayed by the Army personnel has been appreciated by the local and the civil administration.