Army In Kashmir: Major Of Army Becomes The Reason For The Deaf Kashmiri’s Smile

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Friyana Munshi

Srinagar, January 12, 2021: The people of Kashmir, who had been distancing themselves from the army due to threats from terrorist organizations are now seen creating a beautiful connection with them. This incident in district Kupwara proves that along with fighting terrorists, the army also cares about the people living in the area.

In the militant North Kashmir district of Kupwara, the name of an army major is not only on people’s tongues but also in their hearts. The Major’s efforts changed the life of a deaf child. This child is now slowly gaining his auditory senses. The child’s family members are now hopeful that their child will be fully healthy and will be able to lead a normal life in the near future.

Gauhar, who hails from the Chhanjmula area of Kupwara district of North Kashmir, was neither able to hear nor speak since childhood. Major Kamlesh deployed in an army unit present in the same area would often visit the area and reach out among the people to listen to their problems. During this time, he met Gauhar. Gradually, Major Kamlesh began to befriend Gauhar. Gauhar often tried to convey what he wanted to say through signs however often times the Major was unable to understand.

This started to emotionally bother Major Kamlesh and he gradually started consulting doctors about the child’s treatment. When the doctors gave him hope that Gauhar could be cured, he decided to get him treated. His efforts also started paying off and Gauhar gradually started gaining his auditory senses. Now he could hear Major Kamlesh’s words. However, the ability to hear is still low.

Now Major Kamlesh has also assured the family to get better treatment for Gauhar in a better institution. He has assured the family that Gauhar will soon start to be completely healed and will also be able to speak to everyone. Gauhar’s family is happy with the Major’s efforts. They say that their child can now hear them. They do not get tired of praising Major Kamlesh. Calling him his elder son, Gauhar’s parents say that he has changed his whole life. Mother Jamila Begum stated that Major Kamlesh is as much of a son to her as Gauhar is and that she has no words to express her gratitude.

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