Army Medical Corps requires 150 MBBS doctors

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  • Short Service Commission (SSC) Officer: 150 vacancies (male-135, female-15), Qualification: The applicant must possess medical qualificationincluded in First/Second Schedule or Part II of the Third Schedule of IMC Act 1956. The applicant must have permanent registration from any State Medical Council/MCI. Postgraduate degree/ diploma holders recognized by the State Medical Council/MCI/NBE can also apply.  Age :  45 years as on 31st Dec. 2019, Pay Band : Level-10B Rs.61300 plus MSP Rs. 15500 + NPA and other allowances

 1 Applications are invited from Indian citizens both male and female, who have passed their final MBBS examination in first or second attempt only, for grant of Short Service Commission in the Armed Forces Medical Services. Applicants who have taken more than two chances in final Prof MBBS (Part I & II) Examination
are ineligible and hence need not apply.

(a) (i) The applicant must possess medical qualification included in First/Second Schedule or Part II of the Third Schedule of IMC Act 1956.
(ii) The applicant must have permanent registration from any State Medical Council/MCI.
(iii) Candidates with Post Graduate Degree/Diploma recognized by State Medical Council/MCI/NBE can also apply.
(b) Internship. Only those candidates who have completed or are completing their internship on or before 30 Jun 2019 can apply.
3. Age Limit. The candidate must not have attained 45 years of age as on 31 Dec 2019.
4. Vacancy. 150 (135 for males and 15 for females) approximately for the year 2019.
5. Place of Interview. Delhi
6. Schedule of Interview.
(a) Venue. Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt.
(b) Tentative Dates of Interview. 30 Jul 2019 onwards.
7. Method of Selection.
(a) Interview.
(i) Eligible candidates will be called for interview by a Board of Officers from 30 Jul 2019 onwards at Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt to assess their suitability and merit for grant of Short Service Commission in the Armed Forces Medical Services.

(ii) The candidates appearing for interview for the first time will be
paid to and fro sleeper-class railway/bus fare.
(b) Physical & Medical Standards.
(i) Every candidate on qualifying in the interview will have to undergo an Initial Medical Examination (IME), the findings of which will be recorded by a Special Medical Examination Board (SMB) constituted by DGAFMS for examination of his or her medical fitness as per laid down standards. The proceedings will remain confidential and will not be divulged to anyone. The validity period of medical fitness of those declared ‘FIT’ is 180 days.
(ii) Candidates declared ‘UNFIT’ in the Initial Medical Examination (IME) by the Special Medical Examination Board (SMB) may apply within 7 days for the Appeal Medical Board (AMB). The procedure for
AMB will be explained by the President of Special Medical Examination Board (SMB).
(iii) Candidates are advised to note that DGAFMS/DG-1A has no role to play in Appeal Medical Boards (AMB) and procedure advised by the medical authorities is strictly to be adhered to.
(iv) Candidates declared ‘UNFIT’ by the AMB may apply for another appeal through the Review Medical Board (RMB). However, Review Medical Board (RMB) will be granted at the discretion of DGAFMS based on the merits of the case. No representation in this regard will be entertained.
(v) Pregnancy, if detected at any stage, after qualification at
interview or during pre-commission Medical Examination, will render the
candidate as ‘TEMPORARILY UNFIT’.
(vi) Candidates will be considered medically ‘FIT’ only on receipt of
approved medical documents.
(vii) Candidates are advised in their own interest to undergo a
preliminary medical check-up before reporting for the SSC interview.
(c) Merit List.
(i) Candidates with NCC Certificate will be given weightage as
under: –
NCC Certificate Marks
(aa) NCC ‘A’ Certificate – 02
(ab) NCC ‘B’ Certificate – 03
(ac) NCC ‘C’ Certificate – 05
(ii) Separate merit list of both male and female will be prepared
purely on the basis of marks obtained by the candidates in interview.
(iii) It is to be noted that mere qualifying at the interview does
not confirm final selection.
(iv) From the prepared merit list, the candidates declared medically FIT shall be issued joining instruction for commissioning as SSC Officers up to the number of vacancies available in each of the merit list for males and females.
8. Employability.
(a) Being a Medical Officer of Armed Forces Medical Services, the candidate on grant of commission is liable to be employed as per service requirement in any part of the country or abroad, in Army, Navy or Air Force.
They may have to work independently in the units allotted to them.

(b) SSC officers are eligible to volunteer for serving in Para & Special Forces (Commandos).
9. Emoluments.
(a) Doctors on commissioning in the Armed Forces Medical Services will be granted the rank of Captain (or equivalent rank in Navy/Air Force) in 10B
level of Defence Pay Matrix with Basic Pay of Rs 61,300/- + MSP Rs  15,500/- + HRA (if applicable) as per category of the city, (ie X, Y or Z, where the officer is posted) + NPA at prevalent rates + Transport Allowance Rs 3,600/- – Rs
7,200/- as per the category of the city, (ie X, Y or Z where the officer is posted) + Dress Allowance ₹ 20,000/- (Annually) and Dearness Allowance as per prevalent rate.
(b) Total emolument at minimum pay scale at the time of joining will be
approximately ₹ 97,000/- pm.
(c) In addition, officers are entitled ration or ration allowance in lieu (as per location of posting & notification to that effect), subsidized accommodation and allied facilities.
(d) PG Degree holders are eligible for PG allowance or specialist pay on being designated as graded specialist as per Training Rules as applicable
from time to time.
(e) In addition, officers are entitled to 60 days Annual Leave & 20 days Casual Leave in a year, Leave Travel Concession (LTC), free medical services for self & family including dependent parents, group insurance &
Canteen Stores Department (CSD) facility.
10. Promotion for SSC Officers. SSC officers are commissioned as Capt (or equivalent rank in Navy/Air Force) on entry and are eligible for promotion up to the rank of Major (or equivalent rank in Navy/Air Force) after four years of service and Lt Col (or equivalent rank in Navy/Air Force) after a total service of eleven years, subject to fulfilment of eligibility criteria.
11. Antedate Seniority. A candidate who holds additional medical qualification of Post-Graduate Degree/Diploma (MCI/NBE recognized) prior to joining service is eligible to apply for ante date seniority after grant of commission in terms of Govt of India letter No. 3569/DGAFMS/DG-1b(i)/3394/D(Med) dt 20 Dec 2001 as stated
below (within 01 year of grant of Short Service Commission): –
(a) Experience of Service. A candidate who has held an approved fulltime paid appointment for 6 months or more on house-job/junior residency will
be considered for grant of 6 months antedate seniority.
(b) PG Diploma. 24 months antedate seniority for NBE/MCI recognized 02
years duration PG Diploma obtained from a recognized institution.
(c) PG Degree. 36 months antedate seniority for NBE/MCI recognized 03 years duration PG Degree obtained from recognized institution.
(d) Maximum antedate of seniority in case of a candidate eligible for antedate under more than one counts as given in AI 74/76 & AI 75/78 read with Paras 11 (a) to (c) above will be limited to a total period of 42 months.
(e) DGAFMS is the final authority regarding grant of antedate seniority to
any officer.
12. Tenure of Engagement.
(a) Fresh Candidates. The tenure of SSC officers commissioned through the civil entry scheme is of five years, extendable by another nine years in two spells, first of five years and second of four years, in terms of GoI letter No
4(3)/2007/D(Med) dt 2 Nov 2007 for those who are willing to continue, subject to availability of vacancies and meeting the laid down eligibility criteria for grant of extension as per extant policy.
(b) Ex-AMC Candidates.
(i) Candidates released from AMC service on expiry of initial
contractual period of five years may be considered for grant of
commission in AMC for second tenure.
(ii) Candidates released after expiry of 10 (ten) years of SSC
service will not be considered for grant of commission in AFMS.
(iii) Candidates already released from AFMS on
resignation/premature retirement or dismissed from service on
disciplinary grounds will not be considered for commission in AFMS.
13. Departmental Permanent Commission (DPC).
(a) (i) Serving SSC Officers are eligible to apply for grant of Departmental Permanent Commission subject to fulfilment of eligibility
criteria including age criteria. The age limit for grant of DPC is: –
(aa) MBBS. Not more than 30 years age as on 31 Dec of the year of application for DPC.
(ab) PG Diploma. Not more than 31 years as on 31 Dec of the year of application for DPC.
(ac) PG Degree. Not more than 35 years as on 31 Dec of the year of application for DPC.
(ii) SSC officers are eligible for total 03 (three) chances to apply for DPC at any time after completion of 02 (two) years of SSC service and before completion of 9½ (nine years and six months) years of SSC service subject to fulfilment of other eligibility criteria.
(iii) A candidate should have minimum two years of SSC service as
on 31 Dec of the year of application for DPC.
(iv) A candidate should not have more than 9½ years (nine years
and six months) of SSC as on 31 Dec of the year of application for
(v) Subject to the condition that not more than two chances shall be
given in first tenure of five years.
(vi) During second or subsequent tenure, if not done in
continuation of the first tenure, no chance for Departmental
Permanent Commission will be given.
(vii) The eligibility criteria for grant DPC may be revised based on organizational requirement.
(b) Selection of SSC officers for grant of DPC is decided by a Selection Board duly constituted by the office of DGAFMS. The grant of DPC will be subject to overall cadre strength, availability of vacancies & the ratio of PC to
SSC officers in the AMC Cadre.
(c) The promotional avenues for Permanent Commission officers are given below: –
(i) Major (& equivalent). 4 years of reckonable commissioned service.
(ii) Lt Col (& equivalent). 11 years of reckonable commissioned service.
(iii) Col (& equivalent). By selection (at approximately 18 – 20 years of service).
(iv) Brig (& equivalent). By selection.
(v) Maj Gen (& equivalent). By selection.
(vi) Lt Gen (& equivalent). By Selection.
14. Scope for PG/Super-speciality Training.
(a) SSC Officers.
(i) Opportunity for in-service professional career enhancement
through PG course (DNB/MD/MS/Diploma) (between 4-10 years of
service) at AFMS institutions is available as per extant Training Rules
as applicable from time to time. SSC Officers provided opportunity for
in-service PG/DNB would be liable to serve till 14 years of SSC
service as per bond/undertaking executed at time of seeking
placement for DNB/PG Seat. The detailment for PG Course to SSC
officers would be based on organizational requirements and
selection will be through NEET-PG system.
(ii) In addition, SSC officers after release are eligible to apply for PG
seats (MD/MS/DNB/Diploma) in service institutions as per extant
Training Rules applicable from time to time.
(b) PC Officers.
(i) Permanent Commission officers between four and seven years
of service are eligible to apply for a large number of post graduate
courses for the award of MD/MS Degree/DNB and Diplomas.
(ii) After four years of specialization, Permanent Commission
officers are provided an opportunity to apply for superspecialization/training in specialized fields based on their service record
and merit in exam conducted by AFMS/Statutory body. The superspecialization can be done in service hospitals or in reputed civil
hospitals after seeking placement on study leave.
(iii) The detailment for PG Course/super-specialization would be
based on organizational requirements.
15. How to Apply Online. Application will be accepted online only. To do so the
candidate needs to click on the “NEW REGISTRATION” button on the website and follow the steps.
16. Important Instructions for Strict Compliance.
(a) The following essential certificates/ documents should be scanned and
uploaded: –
(i) Passport Size Photograph (.jpeg, size up to 100 kb)
(ii) Scanned copy of Class X (Matriculation) Certificate/Birth
Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation as a proof of date of birth (.pdf, size up to 200 kb)
(iii) Aadhar Card.
(b). Following documents are essential to be produced for verification at the time of interview: –
(i) Matriculation Certificate (Class X)/Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation as a proof of name and date of birth (born after 1992).
(ii) Aadhar Card.
(iii) Permanent Medical Registration Certificate.
(iv) Internship Completion Certificate.
(v) MBBS Degree Certificate, PG Degree Certificate.
(vi) Final MBBS (Part I & II) Attempt Certificate or Transcript Certificate.
(vii) No Objection Certificate from present employer, if any.
(viii) NCC Certificate, if any.
(ix) National Board of Examination Certificate for Foreign Medical Graduates.
(x) Passport for foreign medical graduates
(xi) Gazette Notification or any other authority clearly highlighting your new name, if there is any change in the name after Matriculation (10th Class).
(xii) 10 passport size photographs, photo identity proof and address proof.
(xiii) Attestation Form in triplicate duly filled in and attested by Competent Authority (refer Para 18 below).
17. Call Letters for Interview. The call letter for interview shall be made available online only after successful registration by the candidate.
18. Attestation Form. The Attestation Form is available on the website. Candidates are required to bring the completed Police Verification Report (PVR) Form (in triplicate) positively at the time of interview, duly filled in and attested by the authority as mentioned at Page No. 07 of Attestation Form, without which they are
liable to be rejected.
19. Application Processing Fee (APF). A fee of ₹ 200/- will be charged from the applicants towards application processing. The requisite amount is required to be paid at the end of the online application submission through online payment (internet banking/Credit Card/Debit Card). No other mode of payment is accepted.