Around 85% Indians incorporate a healthy diet in their daily routine – ICICI Lombard Research

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 ICICI Lombard, ahead of ‘World Nutrition Day’ conducted a survey across 10 cities with over 1500 respondents to understand people’s inclination towards practicing wellness in their day to day life. The survey revealed the consumers understanding and their perception towards wellness and health. Indians are clearly witnessing the impact of hectic lifestyle and multiple responsibilities; their busy lifestyle give them very little time to engage in any sort of activities that will help stay healthy. Despite this, 40% of the country’s population is engaged in at least one activity that would keep them physically fit. The survey conducted in 10 cities including metro and non metros like – Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Lucknow, Indore and Coimbatore.

ICICI Lombard survey data:

  • Wellness: No longer for the Niche
    • Out of the 40% who practise wellness as a routine 47% feel guilty of eating unhealthy food and hence are aware of the need of nutrition in the diet.
    • 91% of the people across sectors are conscious of the weight and keep a check on the same
    • Exercising along with a balanced diet is a daily routine for people who indulge in wellness.
    • However, Yoga / Meditation still to break ice amongst the Indians in terms of creating wellness awareness. However, wellness activities such as Yoga and Gym along with a balanced diet are key triggers to engaging in wellness

Even though people are inclined towards maintaining a balanced diet, there is very little people do to achieve it. Males are more inclined towards wellness as compared to females. Respondents who engage in wellness activities below 35 years of age and print media is a major source of information for the individuals particularly for consumers in non- metros cities like Indore and Lucknow.

  • Entities associated with Wellness programs – Important of Health Insurance
    • It is perceived that only gyms and professional trainers, however, hospitals, health clinics most suited to offer Wellness programs
    • Around 50% of Wellness respondents across sections are open to Health Insurers offering Wellness programs
    • Another important aspect found in the survey is, people who indulge in wellness activity believe buying a health insurance policy is a healthier way to stay fit

It has been observed across that insurers are taking a step ahead to ensure its customers incorporate a healthy lifestyle, which is why ICICI Lombard has taken an onus in this initiative by offering wellness solutions such as gym and yoga reimbursements. Becoming healthier definitely reduces the risk of falling ill and spending less on doctors and reduces medical expenses. Hence, take steps to take care of your health. Do the difficult!