As per new MV rules, drivers will not need to carry driving license, RC, Insurance from Oct 1

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Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, September 30 2020 : From October 1 there will be no need to keep documents like driving license, registration certificate (RC), insurance, pollution certificate while driving a vehicle. The Union Road Transport Ministry had issued new guidelines in this regard in September 2019, which will come into effect from October 1, 2020. The central government has said that vehicle documents including driving license and e-challan will be maintained from October 1 through the Information Technology portal.

As per new Motor Vehicle (MV) rules, the drivers will no longer need to carry the original copy of the driving license and other documents related to the vehicle. Drivers can download these documents in the DigiLocker app or M-Transport app, which will be considered completely valid.

What are the essentials?

The original copy of registration certificate, insurance, fitness and permit, driving license, pollution certificate and other relevant documents were made mandatory for the drivers after the amendment in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules.

Documents present on the app will be considered valid

The above documents if available on the DigiLocker or M-Transport app will be considered as electronic proof of the original documents. They are legally valid as per the provisions listed in the Information Technology Act 2000. After downloading these documents in the app, they will be considered valid.

The ministry has asked state transport departments and traffic police not to ask the drivers for documents. In its place, a software is being developed through which the traffic policeman or divisional transport officer will have to put the number of the vehicle in his machine and check all the documents himself.

According to an official of the Ministry of Road Transport, a new software is being prepared for this.

What are the advantages of the act?

· According to the act, if a policeman does not have a test device, then he will be able to download the software on his smartphone and check the papers of the vehicle. It will be the responsibility of the police to conduct the investigation themselves. The owner will not be questioned for not keeping the vehicle documents.

· If the vehicle is challaned and the vehicle owner does not pay the challan, then the transportation tax will have to be paid.

· In the event of non-payment of tax, the vehicle owners will neither be able to sell the vehicle nor renew their driving license.

· Till now, if your vehicle was challaned, then no other transport-related work could be carried out without submitting the invoice of the challan. This caused external vehicles trouble.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways made various amendments to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. Through these amendments, the maintenance of e-challan and documents of vehicles is being implemented through the portal. This change has been made for better implementation and monitoring of automotive regulations. The use of IT services and electronic monitoring will help in better enforcement of traffic regulations in the country. Also, harassment of drivers will also be reduced.

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